Use this form to document bearer card usage.
Use this log as a template to reconcile cash withdrawals made with your Declining Balance Card.
Use this form to request payment to one or more individuals for honoraria, awards, non-employee travel expenses, refunds, etc. The form can be used to pay up to twenty-five individuals for a single reason. This form may not be used to pay a University of Delaware employee.
Use this form to determine qualification for a waiver of the Fly America Act restrictions.

Note: this form is maintained by the Research Office.

Use this form to keep track of reimburseable mileage.
This form must be completed for any request for Honorarium or Payment for Services of a Non-U.S. citizen.
P-1 Form
(PDF format)
(Reasonable Cause Affidavit by Payor For Not Obtaining Payee's Identifying Number)
This form is required for non-resident aliens who will not be obtaining a social security number and are being paid for services or honoraria. Note that this form does not eliminate the withholding tax. A UD W-8 form is also required.
This form ( is required to load a vendor into the University's vendor database for payment. Please complete it and submit it online for expedited processing. The form is encrypted for secure collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).