UD Exchange

New system to facilitate contracting, eprocurement, payment of goods and services. Now in pilot phase, with planned phased rollout.

For Campus:
Campus Users Requesting New Suppliers/Vendors or Updates to Suppliers/Vendors:
Vendors are called Suppliers in UD Exchange. All active outside party vendors from PeopleSoft have been migrated to UD Exchange. All new suppliers and supplier updates will be handled in UD Exchange by the Supplier team. All these suppliers will also be available in webforms to use. Please email any outside party related supplier requests to Vendor setup or update process for current UD Students remains the same and will be handled by the Accounts Payable team.

For Suppliers:
The University has begun transition to a new eProcurement system as of August 3, 2020. As a result, purchase orders may appear different than previously received. As always, if a supplier has any questions about the authenticity of the purchase order, please email with the attachment received and we will be able to verify. We will be using the existing and new systems concurrently through June 30, 2021, so suppliers may receive both types of purchase orders through that date.

COVID-19 Update

In response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, University staff and faculty have been instructed to work remotely in order to minimize the spread of infection. Until further notice, our physical office is closed. In order to receive the most timely response to your inquiry, please email or contact the appropriate staff member using our office directory. Voicemail messages left for our staff members are also being forwarded. If you are a UD employee having issues using your purchasing card, you may also contact Bank of America directly at (888) 449-2273 for immediate assistance. For more information about the COVID-19 virus and the University’s resulting operational changes, please visit

WB Mason is able to ship orders to the home address of those University employees who need to make purchases that are related to or necessary because of the need to work remotely due to the current COVID-19 situation. This only applies to purchases of normal day-to-day reoccurring office expenses (printer paper, toner, staples, etc.). These purchases are permitted using a University issued credit card which is not to be used for personal purchases. For those employees who have not been issued a University credit card, such purchases may be reimbursed provided they can be substantiated as a University business related expense. WB Mason customer service can assist with employee requests to make such purchases on the UD account with shipment to the employee’s home address. Shipment will be made via UPS and there will be no charge for shipping for orders of $40.00 or more. Prior to purchase, an email should be sent to Procurement Services at indicating the name of the cardholder and the address to which the purchase will be shipped. After there is no longer a need to work remotely, the employee should contact WB Mason customer service to have the shipping address changed back to their UD campus address.

Gift Card Purchases

When buying gift cards on behalf of the University, please ensure that the purchase is in accordance with University Policy 3-23 regarding gifts to external parties. Gift cards are considered by the IRS to be taxable income for the recipient and should therefore not be purchased for University employees. Electronic gift cards should be sent directly to the intended recipient, not the University employee purchasing the card. The University department issuing gift cards should maintain a log recording every gift card purchased along with the gift card recipient’s first and last name, the dollar value of the gift card issued as well as the purpose for which the gift card was issued. The log and related information should be attached to the Concur expense report as business justification for the purchase. Gift cards should never be given in exchange for services rendered to the University. If the total value of all gift cards and other payments issued to an individual exceed $600 in a calendar year, this should be reported to the University’s Accounts Payable manager for tax reporting purposes.

With regard to gift card purchases on Amazon specifically: due to the potential risks involved with the purchase and issuance of gift cards, unusual gift card purchases may be investigated by Amazon’s risk prevention team which will require additional verification in order to proceed with the purchase. Please contact Procurement if you are anticipating an unusual gift card purchase on Amazon.


The University has a DocuSign account to facilitate electronic signatures on contracts and other documents. If you have a need to create DocuSign envelopes in order to circulate these documents for electronic signature, please contact Procurement to have an account set up for you. Before doing so, please familiarize yourself with and practice using DocuSign by creating a free demo account at; reference materials and in depth training guides are available at DocuSign University and DocuSign Support. A DocuSign account is not needed to sign documents, but please be aware that due to the COVID-19 virus impacting the physical presence of staff and faculty throughout campus, you may receive documents requesting your signature. If you have a question about whether a document is legitimate and was sent by UD, please also contact Procurement at

Amazon Business Prime Account

The University has now centralized Amazon purchasing under an Amazon Business Prime Account for all UD purchasing card holders! More information is provided here, as well as FAQs regarding this change.

Relocation Reimbursements

More information on how to process relocation reimbursements.

Introducing Concur

A message from Alan Brangman introducing Concur, UD's new travel and expense management solution

Relocation Reimbursements Change

Effective immediately, relocation reimbursements must be completed via S-Contract webform and processed by Payroll. Relocation reimbursements will no longer be processed via Works. Please note that for moving expenses on S-contracts, department should use Earn code TME and account 120400.

UD W-9 Information

More information about the UD W-9.

New requirements when using Square and PayPal

In response to the decreased transparency of credit card payments made via Square or PayPal, new requirements are now in place.

PO Requisition and PO Amendment webform enhancements

Effective January 3rd, 2018, new versions of the Purchase Order Requisition and Purchase Order Amendment webforms will be available to everyone under the webforms menu. The functionality will remain the same but with some new features added based on user feedback. Detailed process manuals for both the purchase order requisition and purchase order amendment forms are available under the training section of this website. The process manuals contain screen shots for each step from origination to submitting the form.

FIN Request for Payment to Individual change

Effective November 6, 2017, please submit separate webform requests for recurring payments to individuals at the time payment is due. To avoid duplicate payments, future dated payments will no longer be possible due to the manual intervention needed to change payment amounts or cancel payments.

UD Credit Card Services Web Form Change

Going forward, when access is requested for a new card administrator or when updating an existing card for a new card administrator, the web form will require the date on which the card administrator training was completed. The supervisor of the new card administrator will be added to the routing chain as an approver to verify the date.

Changes to UD Car Rental Procedure

Procurement Services has negotiated car rental rates that include the required $1,000,000 Supplemental Liability Insurance coverage. When making a reservation, the traveler must reference the designated CDP or Contract ID number to ensure that adequate insurance coverage is in place.
» More information about UD car rental procedure

New Online Training Certification

As part of our ongoing efforts to educate and support University purchasing card users, Procurement Services, the Research Office, and Human Resources have partnered to create a new online training certification for all new purchasing card allocators. This new training will allow you to complete your training online, from your desk, in a matter of minutes.
» More information about new online training certification

Prospective Vendors

The University of Delaware Procurement Services department welcomes vendors interested in doing business with the University. We appreciate the very important role vendors play in providing goods and services to University faculty and staff in support of their academic, research, and administrative endeavors. We strive to maintain a fair and competitive procurement process and to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with vendors with whom we do business. Prospective vendors are welcome to visit the Procurement Services office to speak with a representative but are encouraged to call in advance and make an appointment. Please visit the Special Information for Vendors page to access the University's purchase order terms, insurance requirements, and Supplier Diversity Program information.

Payment Activity

You can track a requisition's movement through the procurement process by using Payment Activity. Search using a Req number, PO number, or PO Amendment Webform number.

Upcoming Procurement User Group Meetings (complete list of meetings)

July 11, 2019, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m., 130 General Services Building
August 8, 2019, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m., 130 General Services Building
September 12, 2019, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m., 130 General Services Building

Efficient, Electronic Payment Method

The University of Delaware's preferred method of payment to vendors is an electronic, buyer-initiated credit card system called the Payer Direct Hub®.
» More information about electronic payment method

Policies and Procedures

Procurement-related Policies and Procedures.