March 20, 2020

Operational Changes – Effective Immediately

Classrooms will not be available for UD Capture
Access is restricted to all University facilities, so faculty who were planning to use UD Capture to record their lectures in their regularly scheduled classroom will not be able to do so. There are alternate ways to record lectures. Please contact Faculty Commons or the Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning at for support. Faculty who need equipment or materials to work from home, which need to be delivered to their homes, must get approval from their supervisors.

Campus laboratories, classrooms, offices are off limits
For the safety of everyone, faculty and staff should not access University laboratories, classrooms or offices for any reason, including to retrieve equipment. This directive excludes those essential personnel who are maintaining living organisms and critical infrastructure.

Standard office purchases may be made with UD credit card
All purchases that are related to or necessary because of the need to work remotely and are considered normal day-to-day reoccurring office expenses (such as printer paper, toner, staples, etc.) are permitted using a University-issued credit card that is not to be used for personal purchases. For those employees who have not been issued a University credit card, such purchases may be reimbursed, provided they can be substantiated as a University business-related expense.

All equipment purchases must be pre-approved
Equipment purchases (such as printers, copiers, scanners, etc.) MUST be approved in advance by the cardholder’s supervisor. Such purchases will be funded by existing budget dollars and will not result in incremental budget increases. The Budget Office is in the process of establishing unit-specific purpose codes to track related spending and will inform the unit once its code is established. All purchases related to working remotely should be moved to these codes for reporting purposes. All purchased equipment is the property of the University and is to be returned to campus when there is no longer a need to work remotely.

The University Procurement website and policy should be consulted prior to making any purchases on behalf of the University.

Prior to purchase, an email should be sent to Procurement Services at indicating the name of the cardholder and the address to which the purchase will be shipped. Any questions may be emailed to the same address.

Remember, information about the latest developments, along with answers to frequently asked questions, is always available on the University’s coronavirus website.

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