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Relevant 3 credit alternative classes may be substituted for listed classes - if approved by the minor's faculty advisor. It is wise to discuss such plans with the advisor ahead of time. You are particularly encouraged to consider taking an independent study relevant to the minor; working closely with a faculty member with whom you share interests can be a very valuable experience... and can provide a good basis for recommendations.

If you are looking for substitution options, a good bet is to use the UDSIS Course Search for the semester of interest. In the 'Course number' box, enter just the letter code for the subject area of interest and scan the listing for promising titles. Good subject codes to try include...

  • English (ENGL)
  • Anthropology (ANTH)
  • Philosophy (PHIL)
  • Sociology (SOCI)
  • Art and Science (ARSC)
  • Theatre (THEA)

Here are a few examples of classes that have been approved as substitutions in the Minor. Please do let me know if you spot other possibilities - even if you are not planning to take them yourself.

  • Grounding Requirement
    • BISC207
  • Ethics and Policy Group
    • HLTH 320 - Chronic Illness in America: From Person to Policy (or Human Sciences)
  • Human Sciences Group
    • HLTH 320 - Chronic Illness in America: From Person to Policy (or Ethics and Policy)
    • SOCI 313 - Mental Health and Well-Being
    • SOCI 349 - Aging and Society
    • SOCI 375 - Sociology of Diagnosis
    • SOCI/WOMS 425 - Sociology of the Body
    • SOCI/WOMS 433 - Gender and Health
    • WOMS 414 - Women and Gender in Healthcare
  • Art, Literature, and History Group
    • ENGL 409 (section varies), Topics in Journalism: MEDICAL WRITING