Tsunami Sediment Transport Model Benchmarking Workshop

August 4-5, 2023               Portland, OR

In its FY2009 Strategic Plan, the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program (NTHMP) required that all numerical tsunami inundation models be verified as accurate and consistent through a model benchmarking workshop/process. This was completed in FY2011 for runup and iundation, but only for seismic tsunami sources and in a limited manner for idealized solid underwater landslides. Subsequent workshops have examined the modeling of tsunami induced currents (2015) as well as a more extensive examination of landslide-induced tsunami generation (2017). The results of these workshops have been used to develop modeling requirements and best-practices guidance for use by the NTHMP program and other interested parties.

A variety of recent studies have illustrated the effectiveness of tsunamis in altering the morphology of shorelines and near-coast regions, and, more importantly from a hazard analysis perspective, have suggested that estimates of hazard based on a use of fixed-bed DEM inputs for inundation modeling may lead to significant underestimation of the level of hazard in areas that are readily subject to erosional processes. As a result, the Mapping and Modeling Subcommittee (MMS) of the NTHMP has initiated a process for including the consideration of morphology change occurring during tsunami events as a component of the overall hazard analysis. This workshop is organized with the intent of assessing the ability of existing models to simulate expected tsunami-induced morphology changes, with the results to be used in providing guidance and basic requirements to be used in future hazard mapping efforts.

The set of candidate benchmarks are posted here under the "Benchmark Problems" button above. Benchmarks are based on observations of actual response to the 2011 Tohoku tsunami at two sites, and on an extensive set of laboratory data on profile evolution and erosion and deposition patterns.

The workshop has been organized under the leadership of workshop co-chairs Jim Kirby (University of Delaware) and Stephan Grilli (University of Rhode Island), working with a steering committee including Bruce Jaffe (USGS), Daisuke Sugawara (Tohoku University) and Jon Allan (Oregon State University)

The workshop will be held on August 4-5, 2023 in Portland, OR, immediately following the NTHMP summer meeting (7/31 to 8/4 morning). Links to the workshop report, supplemental presentation files, benchmark data and submitted model results will eventually be accessed through the toolbar above. If you are interested in information about the workshop, please contact workshop co-chairs Jim Kirby or Stephan Grilli.

Workshop attendees: Front, L-R: Stephan Grilli, Jim Kirby, Alex Docimascolo, Fai Cheung, Chris Moore
Second Row: Stephanie Ross, Jonathan Allan, Bruce Jaffe, Elena Suleimani, Ernesto Fernandez
Back: SeanPaul LaSelle, Daisuke Sugawara, Chris Malone, Guy Gelfenbaum, Juan Horrillo, Rick Wilson, Pat Lynett.