NearCoM Overview

NearCoM (or Nearshore Community Model) is an extensible, user-configurable model system for nearshore wave, circulation and sediment processes.


During the NOPP project, we developed and tested a comprehensive community model that predicts waves, currents, sediment transport and bathymetric change in the nearshore ocean, between the shoreline and about 10 m water depth. The model consists of a "backbone", i.e., the master program, handling data input and output as well as internal storage, together with a suite of "modules", each of which handles a focused subset of the physical processes being studied. A wave module will model wave transformation over arbitrary coastal bathymetry and predict radiation stresses and wave induced mass fluxes. A circulation module will model the slowly varying current field driven by waves, wind and buoyancy forcing, and will provide information about the bottom boundary layer structure. A seabed module will model sediment transport, determine the bedform geometry, parameterize the bedform effect on bottom friction, and compute morphological evolution resulting from spatial variations in local sediment transport rates.

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What's New?

NearCoM Results in RIVET Project.

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Programming Language

The system is written in a combination of Fortran 77 and Fortran 90.

Operating System and Compiler

NearCoM is partially based on integating a number of pre-existing codes which have been developed and used on a wide variety of platforms. The use of generic Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 as the programming language (aside from the incorporation of the namelist statement) should allow this flexibility to be maintained. However, for the purposes of testing final module integration and system operation, devlopment of the initial realease of the NearCoM has been based on the Intel Fortran compiler run on linux platforms. Sample Makefiles for this platform are provided. Feedback from users on experience with compiling and running on all platforms would be appreciated and will be archived here for use by others.

Interesting Sites

  • NOPP Nearshore Project Homepage This page describes aspects of the NOPP project which supported the development of NearCoM, and which provides a complete list of project-related publications and developments.

Master Program
Wave Modules
     Wave Kennedy
     Energy Wave
Circulation Modules
     Nearshore POM
Morphology Modules
     WENO H-H
Other NearCoM Modules

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