Using the TinyMCE Editor

Font style - 
bold button
italics button
underline button

To apply a font style, highlight text and click the appropriate button.

Paste from Microsoft Word - 
Paste from Word button

To paste text into the TinyMCE editor box, click the Paste from Word button. A gray box will appear on your screen. Copy and paste the text from your Word document into the box and click INSERT.

Text alignment - 
align left button
align center button
align right button
justify button

Highlight text and click the appropriate button to apply the alignment style. If you choose Align full, the selected text will align with both the right and left margins. Extra blank space will be distributed throughout the line of text to make this adjustment.

Lists - 
unordered list button
ordered list button

Highlight text and click the appropriate button to create an indented list. If you click the button before you begin entering text, an indented bullet (unordered) or number (ordered) will appear on the next line. A new list item will appear each time you press ENTER. To turn list formatting off, click the appropriate button again.

Indent - 
undo indent button
indent button

Highlight text and click the appropriate button to increase or decrease indentation.

Undo and Redo - 
undo button
redo button

Click the Undo button to "undo" your last action. Click the Redo button to reapply the action you just "undid." Multiple "undo's" and "redo's" are possible.

Insert/Edit Link or Unlink - 
Insert and/or edit link button
unlink button

Use the Insert/Edit Link button to insert a link to a Web page. When you click the button, the Insert/Edit Link box will appear. Type the URL of the Web page, determine whether the link should open in the current or a new window, and give the link a title. The default setting is to open in the current window. To edit an existing link, highlight the link text and click the Insert/Edit Link button. To remove a link, highlight the link text, then click the Unlink button.

Toggle full screen mode - 
open full screen mode button
close full screen mode button

Click this button to switch to full screen mode. Click the button again to switch to normal editing.

Full screen mode increases the size of the TinyMCE editor to fill your browser window. Your form is still available underneath the TinyMCE editor, but you will not be able to see it. Remember to click the Toggle full screen mode button a second time to return to normal mode. Be careful not to close the browser window when you are done editing. If you do, you will need to log in again and reopen the form you were working on.

Spellcheck - 
spell check button

Click this button to check for spelling errors.

  • If errors are found: The misspelled words are marked with a red underline. Left click to view a list of suggested corrections.

  • If no errors are found: An alert box appears with the message "No misspellings found." Click OK.

TinyMCE Help - 
Help button

Click the Help button to display a TinyMCE help page in a separate window.