Payment Options Help

UD payroll deposit account

Online check payment from the accounts used for UD payroll direct deposit.

Note that this is a debit to your checking account and not a payroll deduction.


Direct withdraw from your FLEX account. For further information, see the FLEX web site.

Online check

Online check payment from the a bank account you specify. Be prepared to enter your bank routing number and account number.

Pay in person

You will need to pay in person with cash or a personal check at the Carpenter Sports Building or the program location.

  • Pay at the door for Employee Wellness Center lectures, classes, or appointments.

  • Pay at the Employee Wellness Center office for online programs. The Employee Wellness Center office is located at 125 Carpenter Sports Building.

  • Pay for lockers and fitness class passes at the Recreation Services cashier window in the lobby of the Carpenter Sports Building.

No payment needed

Select this option only if your balance is $0.00 because your registration is paid by Wellness dollars, or you are registering for a free program.