EZForms archive

Questions should be directed to Web Development, it-webdev@udel.edu

This page provides instructions for using the EZForms Archive web search. If you need to look up a particular form, contact the form owner to request access.

Log in at www.udel.edu/ezformarchive and enter at least one of the search criteria:

  • EZForm number: You may use an asterisk (*) with part of the EZForm number to search for forms starting with a particular string. For example, "00001*" returns all form numbers starting with 00001.

  • E-number: This number is used on Facilities and Lock Shop Work Requests. Enter the complete number; partial numbers are not recognized.

  • JV Number: Enter the complete number; partial numbers are not recognized. If you do not have access to look up JV's, this field will not return any results.

  • Form name: Only those forms for which you have access appear in the dropdown box. If you need to search for a form that is not listed, contact the form owner.

  • Originator: This field searches on the EmplID of the originator of the form. Use "lookup" to find an employee's EmplID.

  • Date Form Originated: You must enter a valid date in the exact format shown - mm/dd/yyyy. You must include leading zeros on the month and day, and a full 4-digit year. Use slashes (/) as separators, not dashes (-).