Information about UD Webmail outage and migration

  • Summary of May 1's events:
    • We published UDaily article advertising additional email migration help.
    • We added an online chat (text) service to our Mirapoint migration pages and posted the schedule for our walk-in email migration help sessions in 011 Smith Hall.
    • We sent a notification to our IT Activity Report email list detailing the events since April 12, explaining the need to move the remaining accounts off UD Webmail (Mirapoint,, advertising additional help for email migration, and noting that we've moved over 9,000 accounts off the service since April 12.
    • We notified retirees that have UD Webmail accounts that they will be moved on May 13.
  • On April 30, we added a check box to the Network page to allow people to be able to migrate their new email and their stored email in one step. We added directions on using the check box to the Migrating from Mirapoint page.
  • On April 29, we updated our directions for people migrating from Mirapoint to Google Apps at UD or Exchange.
    • We made an "easier to remember" URL:
    • We separated directions for Exchange and Google Apps clients onto separate pages.
    • Since the latest failure on the Mirapoint servers prevents people from "compacting their trash" (really deleting old email), we removed the instructions about cleaning up your email before asking to have it moved.

    We also moved about 250 undergraduate email accounts from Mirapoint to Google Apps at UD.

  • Beginning on April 19, we are now automatically emailing a CSV file of any contacts stored in UD Webmail to people whose accounts are moving to Google Apps at UD.

  • April 19, we updated the procedure for migrating email accounts from UD Webmail (Mirapoint, to Google Apps at UD.

    People wanting to move to UD Exchange have a separate procedure.

    We also published an update to the UD community in UDaily.

  • April 17, we prematurely moved between 150 and 200 accounts from UD Webmail to Google Apps at UD. We apologize for the inconvenience; we do plan to notify groups of users before we move their accounts.
    • On April 18, based on input from users, departmental IT staff, and IT staff, we began moving the stored email from these accounts to Google Apps at UD automatically.

  • April 16, we sent email to CITAs, CSSs, and other departmental IT professionals about procedures for moving employees' Mirapoint accounts to Google Apps at UD or UD Central exchange. Read more.

  • April 15, we published a UDaily article that includes information about what email was not delivered on Friday afternoon and our plan to accelerate the migration of UD email accounts that remain on Mirapoint to other platforms.

  • The Mirapoint message servers ( had a catastrophic software crash about 2:40 p.m. on Friday, April 12, and Mirapoint technical support was unable to fix the error.

    On Saturday morning, we restored service using a disaster recovery snapshot from noon on Friday.

    Mirapoint technical support is still looking at the system to determine what went wrong. IT staff are assessing the implications of this failure on UD email.

    Critical email during 4/12/13 outage
    If departments were expecting critical email on Friday, April 12, and did not receive it, report the details to the IT Support Center and we may be able to recover information about the lost messages, but not the messages themselves. For example, if last Friday or a date this week represents a deadline for an RFP or information from applicants, let us know the UD email address to which those responses were due. If we can find the senders' email addresses, your department can then contact the senders and request that they resend the original email.

  • As more information becomes available, we will update this article.

Last update: 5/1/13 4:54 p.m.

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