Under 200 UD Webmail users moved to Google Apps prematurely

On April 17, we intended to move some classes of accounts listed as "Mirapoint accounts" that haven't been using Mirapoint (accounts whose email address never was changed to a username [UDelNet ID not created, so no email use], accounts forwarding from Mirapoint to an off-campus address, and terminated employee accounts) to Google Apps at UD.

Accidentally, under 200 active Mirapoint accounts were migrated to Google Apps at UD. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

We think the people whose accounts were accidentally moved fit the following three criteria:

  1. Retiree or employee spouse who is also
  2. A terminated employee (e.g., a retiree who came back to UD as a part-time employee but no longer works for UD; an employee spouse who worked at UD but no longer does) and
  3. Who has a 5-digit EMPLID.

If your account was moved accidentally and does not meet all those criteria, contact the IT Support Center.

Action items

  • People moved to Google Apps at UD can read their new email at googleapps.udel.edu.

  • If your account was moved prematurely and you need to recover contacts or filters from UD Webmail (Mirapoint), contact the IT Support Center.

  • Your stored email has been moved to Google Apps at UD (old messages in the inbox; mail folders on mail.udel.edu). You should see all your email at googleapps.udel.edu. If not, contact the IT Support Center.

  • If you use Thunderbird, MacMail, or other IMAP desktop email programs, or use a mobile device for your UD email, follow these directions to set up your email program.

Last update: 4/20/13 8:59 a.m.

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