Using Thunderbird with Google Apps

The following pages will help you set up Thunderbird to use with your UD email account. To download Thunderbird, go to the Thunderbird Web site. After you click the link to download, follow the instructions to install Thunderbird on your computer.

To use Thunderbird with Google Apps, follow the appropriate instructions below:

Settings for Google Apps

You can use the Google interface at any time to access your email at

If you prefer to access your email through Thunderbird, follow these steps to set up your account:

  1. Obtain your Google Apps password.
  2. Set up a Google Apps IMAP account.
  3. Follow the Recommended IMAP client settings in GMail help. 

To set up your LDAP server, follow the instructions to the right.

Settings for LDAP

Select the instructions according to the type of computer you use or the version of Thunderbird you use.

Thunderbird 6 (Windows)

Thunderbird 6 (Mac)

Thunderbird 3x and 2

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