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IT Activity ReportSeptember 2016
September 2016 Activity Report | Information Technologies

Over 5,700 members of the UD community are using 2FA – are you?

Since the summer of 2015, the University has offered two-factor authentication (2FA) to UD faculty, staff, and students as part of the Secure UD Initiative. 2FA uses a security code—in addition to a password—to help community members safeguard their UD accounts, their confidential and personal information, and the UD information entrusted to their care. Simply put, 2FA is one of the easiest and most secure ways to protect your personal accounts and information.

As of Sept. 20, 5,751 members of the UD community are using 2FA to protect their accounts, including 3,778 employees and 1,340 students.

Beginning in May, employees who have not yet signed up for UD 2FA have been regularly encouraged to do so. Employees logging in to UD services protected by the Central Authentication System (CAS) have seen a reminder screen every 15 days. These reminders will become more frequent to urge employees to sign up for this simple, yet strong security measure.

Banks, financial institutions, email providers, and many commercial websites now encourage or require that accounts be protected by 2FA. To protect its community and its data, the University is working towards complete 2FA adoption.

All employees, faculty members, and students can choose to sign up for 2FA now at My UD Settings.

Learn more about 2FA by visiting the 2FA help files.