Selected International Affairs Publications & Resources

State Department Counter-Terrorism Resources

Patterns of Global terrorism

Chronology of terrorism incidents

Statistical charts on terrorism, 1981-2000

Foreign Terrorist Organizations



The Washington Post news updates on national security

The Washington Post columns on intelligence issues

International Herald Tribune

Links to newspapers in other countries

The Los Angeles Times

Time Magazine

Newsweek Magazine

The Economist

The Globalist

Foreign Affairs Magazine

Middle East Insight Magazine

The Jerusalem Report

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

United States Institute of Peace

Brookings Institution

Council on Foreign Relations

Asia Society

Woodrow Wilson Int'l Center

The Heritage Foundation

SAIS/Johns Hopkins

U.S. Department of State

State Dept Country Background Notes

United Nations

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Clinton era White House web site (National Archives)

CIA World Factbook


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