View of Chicago form 10,000 feet.
Can you find the Convention Center?

Chicago, Illinois  
APRIL 21-25, 2017

View of Chicago from ground level
from the Convention Center

For the past 18 years, the University of Delaware Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s (HHMI) Undergraduate Science Education Program has sent undergraduate students to the Experimental Biology Meetings to present their research. As part of this conference, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) sponsored its 21st Undergraduate Poster Competition in which 7 UD students participated. Since 2001, students from the University have received more awards in this competition than students from any other college or university.                                                 
                                                                                                                            (Article in UpDate)

The University of Delaware group included four faculty and 8 undergraduates.

Faculty and Students from left to right: Dr. Jackie Fajardo, Zack Jones, Jen Lawrence, Seung Hong, Nicole Wenzell, Hannah Wastyk, Shelby Roseman, Dominic Snatoleri, Dr. Gary Laverty; In back left to right: Mike Wilson, Dr. Hal White, and Nate Borders.
Prof. Jacqueline Fajardo, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Prof. Seung Hong, Biological Sciences
Prof. Gary Laverty,
Biological Sciences
Prof. Hal White, Chemistry & Biochemistry, retired
Nathan Borders, Biology
Zachary Jones, Chem and Biochem
Jennifer Lawrence, Neuroscience
Shelby Roseman, Chemistry
Dominic Santoleri, Biochemistry
Hannah Wastyk, Biochemistry
Nicole Wenzell, Biochemistry
Michael Wilson, Biology

University of Delaware Undergraduate Students with their Posters

Functional Characterization of Caprin2 in Mouse Eye Development and
Its Associated Develomental Defect, Peter's Anomaly

Nate C. Borders and Salil Lachke

Creating Peptide Hydazides via Intein Splicing
for Native Chemical Ligation and Protein Labeling

Dominic Santoleri, J Liu, O. Ekanayake, and Sharon Rozovsky

Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Bioorthogonal Peptidylglycan Derivatives:
Tools to Remodel Bacterial Cell Walls.

Zachary S. Jones, Kristen E. DeMeester, Hai Liang, and Catherine Leimkuhler Grimes

Identification of a Pharmaeutical Therapeutic for NOD2,
a Protein Mutated in Crohn's Disese,
 through Development of a Screen Using Split GFP Complementation

Hannah C. Wastyk, C. Hou, and Catherine Grimes

Hannah did not participate in the competition this year.
Last year she recieved one of the top four prizes
in the ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition

An Investigation of Sex Difference in Microglia Morphology and Function

Jennifer Lawrence, A. Turano, and J. Schwarz

Understanding a Fundamental Force in Protein Folding:
Tuning the n-->π* Interaction in Designing Peptides

Nicole Wenzell, H. Ganguly, A. Pandey, G. A. P. Yap, and Neal J. Zondlo

AF4-AF9 Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitor:
Synthesis and Biological Fu

Shelby Roseman, W. Bao, and John Koh
Shelby was recipient of a $400 competitive travel; award from the ASBMB.

Puringeric Signalling in Bone as a Potential Mechanism
in Prostate Cancer Proliferation
and Cancer-Induced Bone Pain

Michael Wilson, R. Duncan., and Mary Boggs

Entrance to the Exhibits and Posters EB2017, Chicago

Dinner at an Italian Restaurant

Can you find the photographer's reflection
in the bean?

Five from the UD Group
reflected in the Bean.

Another group from the UD
reflected in the Bean

Faculty at EB2017
Left to right: Jackie Fajardo, Trevor Anderson (Purdue University),
Hal White,
Nancy Palaez (Purdue University),
Seung Hong, and Gary Laverty

Sue, the Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton
at the Chicago Field Museum

Elephants at the Chicago Field Museum

Zack instructing in a new card game
during the flight delay at the O'Hare Airport

University of Delaware Group at entrance to exhibition floor.
Chicago Skyline from the Lake Shore Path along Lake Michigan

Time (11PM) for Chicago deep pan Pizza.

The trip to the Experimental Biology 2017 Meetings in Chicago was organized by a legacy from the University of Delaware HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Program with additional support from travel grants from the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

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