7#$"-!* * * * * *.X**** ***6*x*+\ +|-E*-o7* -E+-E-E- -E-E-E-E-E-EDouglass F. Taber

Douglass F. Taber

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware 19716

Phone: (302) 831-2433
Fax: (302) 831-6335
E-Mail: taberdf@udel.edu

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Position: Professor Appointed: 1993


B.S., Chemistry, Stanford University, 1970;

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Columbia University, 1974


American Chemical Society (ACS)

Past Positions:

1982-1984, University of Delaware, Department of Chemistry, Assistant Professor;

1978-1982, Vanderbilt University, Department of Chemistry, Research Assistant Professor;

1977-1982, Vanderbilt University, Department of Pharmacology, Assistant Professor;

1975-1977, Vanderbilt University, Department of Pharmacology, Research Instructor;

1974-1975, University of Wisconsin, Department of Chemistry, Research Associate


My interests are in the development of new methods for organic synthesis, and the application of those methods to the total synthesis of physiologically active natural products. I am especially interested in enantioselective construction of both carbocycles and heterocycles. These interests include both alkaloid synthesis and prostaglandin synthesis. We have expereince in stable isotope labelling, and in pharamceutical synthesis. A major tool in these developments is the use of transition metal mediated organometallic synthesis, using both stoichiometric and catalytic procedures.

We have developed computational methods for organometallics that are very useful for catalyst design.

Other Expertise:

I have served as a consultant in organometallic chemistry and catalysis, and in organic synthesis. I also maintain a very detailed data base for synthetic organic transformations.

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1970-1973.

Expert Witness, patent litigation, 1993-1994


reading, writing, speaking; scale: 1 (basic) to 3 (fluent):

German: 1, -, -;

French: 1, -, -


Fellow of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 1983-1987;

Petroleum Research Fund A/C Research Grant, 1991-1993;

"Synthesis of Taxol," National Institutes of Health Research Grant, GM 46762, 1992-1995;

"Structural Investigation of Prostaglandin Conjugates," National Institutes of Health Research Grant, GM 42056, 1993-1996;

Research Grant, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, 1994

Links to group members

Meagley, R. P.

Herr, R. J.

Pina, R.


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Chemical Synthesis; Drug Design; Organometallic Chemistry


organic synthesis; chemical synthesis; synthesis; natural product; natural product synthesis; enantioselective reaction; organometallic compound; organometallic chemistry; catalysis; pharmaceutical design; alkaloid; pharmaceutical synthesis; prostaglandin

Industrial Relevance:

pharmaceutical design;

pharmaceutical synthesis;

process development;

fine organic and specialty organic synthesis

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