B.S. Program in Chemistry with Environmental Concentration

(Certified by the American Chemical Society)

All requirements described for the B.S. in Chemistry, as described atbschem, must be met. The following requirements must also be met for the ENCH Concentration, in lieu of an equivalent number (13-14) of free elective credits:
Basic Environmentally Related Science (two semesters required)
BISC 207/208
Introductory Biology I/II
GEOG 152/220
Climate and Life/Meteorology
GEOL 105/115/107
Geological Hazards & Their Human Impact/General Geology

Advanced Courses in Chemistry of the Environment (two semesters required)
General Ecology (prerequisite: BISC 208)
Environmental Soil Chemistry
CHEM-681 Green Chemistry
CHEM-810 Kinetics and Surface Chemistry of Soils
CHEM-855 Marine Inorganic Chemistry
CIEG-433 Hazardous Waste Management (prerequisite: CIEG 233)
CIEG-437 Water and Waste Water Quality (prerequisite: CIEG 233)
CIEG-632 Chemical Aspects of Environmental Engineering
CIEG-634 Containment Transport and Separation in Environmental Systems
CIEG-636 Biological Aspects of Environmental Engineering (prerequisite: CIEG 233)
GEOG-412 Physical Climatology (prerequisite: GEOG 250)
GEOG-420 Atmospheric Physics (prerequisite: GEOG 220)
GEOG-423 Atmospheric Dynamics (prerequisite: GEOG 220)
GEOL-421 Environmental & Applied Geology (prerequisite: GEOL 302)
MAST-482 Introduction to Ocean Sciences
MAST-646 Chemical Oceanography
MAST-681 Remote Sensing of Environment

Effective 9/1/12
(class of 2016)

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