B.A. Program in Chemistry Education (BAAS/XCE)

Professional Studies (24 credits)
EDUC-413 (4) EDUC-420* (1)
(Upper Level Reading Instruction)
EDUC-414 (3) SCEN-491a,b (4) (only offered Fall semester)
EDUC-419 (3) EDUC-400c (Student Teaching, only offered Spring semester)
*EDUC-420 - (Reading in the Content Areas) and SCEN-491 (Teaching Science in the Secondary School) are co-requisites.
Major Requirements
(Minimum of 33 credits required; must have at least a 2.75 overall GPA in chemistry courses, with all required chemistry course grades at least C-)
Intro to Chemical Sciences: CHEM-164 (FYE requirement) (1)
General & Quantitative Chemistry:

CHEM-111/112/115/120  (11) or

CHEM-103/104/220/221  (12)
Organic Chemistry: CHEM-213 (4) or
CHEM-321/322d (8) or
CHEM-331/332/333 (8)
Instrumental Methods: CHEM-437/438 (4)
Physical Chemistry: CHEM-418/445 (4) or
CHEM-443/445 (4)
Biochemistry: CHEM-214/216 (4)
Elective Recommended: CHEM-457, CHEM-527, or CHEM-62X
Related Courses  
BISC-207 (4)
PHYS-201 or PHYS-207 (4)
PHYS-202 or PHYS-208 (4)
MATH-241 (4)
MATH-242 (4)
GEOL-107 (4)

Language, group, and other requirements for the B.A. as listed in the Undergraduate Catalog, i.e., foreign language through the XXXX-107 level, 9 credits each in Groups A, B, and C, multicultural course, and second writing course (see page 11 in this brochure).

Discovery Learning Experience (3 credits)-see description in current Undergraduate Catalog.


TOTAL: Minimum of 124 credits


  1. SCEN-491 Teaching Science in the Secondary School must be taken the semester prior to student teaching. Students must complete PRAXIS I before enrolling in SCEN 491 and PRAXIS II before EDUC 400.

  2. A minimum grade of C is required in this course to qualify for student teaching.

  3. Students MUST have at least a 2.75 GPA in chemistry and 2.5 GPA overall to qualify for this course and have passed a teacher competency test as established by the University Council on Teacher Education (currently this test is PRAXIS II). Student teaching is offered only in the spring semester.

  4. Strongly recommended

Effective 9/1/12

(Class of 2016)

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