Blue Hen Chemist Number 36

August 2009
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BHC #36 Contents

From the Chair

From the Associate Chair:

From the Director of Graduate Studies:

Biochemistry Professor, Roberta F. Colman, Retiring after 36 Years

Meet The NUCLEUS Program Coordinator: Jacqueline Aldridge

Juan Carlos Rodriguez-Reyes – Named Recipient of Inaugural Brennnie E. Hackley, Jr. Award for Excellence in Research

Lipp Family Foundation Teaching Fellows

Postdoctoral Researchers and Fellows, 2008-09:

Visiting Scholars, 2008-09:

C. Frank Shaw III Undergraduate Inorganic Research Fellowship

Additional Faculty/Staff Activities and Awards:

Let’s Communicate!

2008-2009 Colloquia and Symposia

ASBMB UAN and ACS SA Chapter Officers for 2009-2010

Visiting Faculty, 2008 – 2009:

14th CHEM/BIOC Graduation Convocation, May 30, 2009

A Tale of Two Mentors, Two Students, and Fate

Graduate School Placements, 1994-2009

2008-2009 Undergraduate Awards

2009 BA/BS/MA/MS/Ph.D. Graduates

Graduate Or Professional School Bound:

Headed For Industry, Teaching, Etc.:

2009 Graduate Student Placements:

Alumni News

Honor Roll Of Gifts To The Department

Giving To The Department


Personal Information for CHEM/BIOC Records