About the 2012 Blue Hen Poll

This is the official information site for the 2012 Blue Hen Poll (BHP) project. The BHP is a public opinion survey designed to examine the attitudes and opinions of students at the University of Delaware (UD). The BHP is planned, marketed, and presented by UD students with faculty supervision. The goals of the project are to 1) inform the UD community (including on-campus, Newark, and surrounding areas of Newark) about what UD students think, how they feel, and what they do, 2) provide an outlet for students to have their opinions heard, and 3) to provide a social research opportunity for undergraduate students to learn about survey methodology and quantitative analysis.


Topics for the 2012 BHP included the following (also, see the questionnaire):

The University of Delaware
Satisfaction with UD
Recommending UD
Preparation for life after UD & Post-graduation plans

Students (Expectations)
Reasons for choosing UD
Commitment to UD as Alumni
What students expect from UD

State of the Campus
Texting during classes
Smoke free campus
Protest free campus
Opinions on Wings of Hope sculpture
Social responsibility vs. fiscal responsibility

UD Climate (Good Fit?)
Do students know where to go to resolve conflicts at UD
Perceived climate for protected groups/veterans/non-traditional students

Diversity at UD
Opinions on diversity

Politics and Representation
Interest in politics
Planned involvement in politics
Vote intentions and choices for the fall election

Students (Experiences)
Student experiences at UD
Positive and negative interactions with groups at UD
Winter Session
Study abroad participation

Law Enforcement Concerns
Thoughts about police on and around UD’s campus
Experiences with Law Enforcement

Students (Well-Being)
Perceived support and well-being
Stress and Health
Perceived dangers of substances (energy drinks, caffeine, Adderall, Ecstasy, etc.)

People and Organizations at UD
Grading UD leaders and groups
Student-Faculty Interaction and Opportunities
Opinions of the Student Government Association (SGA)