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Bachelor of Art: Art


ENGL 110 Critical Reading and Writing - (minimum grade C-) 3
First Year Experience (FYE) 0-4
University Breadth Requirement 12
Discovery Learning Experience (DLE) 3
Multi-cultural Courses (MCC) 3
Foreign Language Requirements (minimum grade D-) 0-12 Credits
Completion of the intermediate-level course (107 or 112 or 202) in an ancient or modern language. The number of credits needed and initial placement will depend on the number of years of high school study of foreign language. Students with four or more years of high school work in a single foreign language, or who have gained proficiency in a foreign language by other means, may attempt to fulfill the requirement in that language by taking an exemption examination through the Foreign Languages and Literature Department.
Writing: (minimum grade C-)

A second writing course involving significant writing experience including two papers with a combined minimum of 3,000 words to be submitted for extended faculty critique of both composition and content. This course must be taken after completion of 60 credit hours. Appropriate writing courses are normally designated in the semester's Registration Booklet. (See list of courses approved for second writing requirement)
Mathematics (one of the following) 0-4
MATH 113 Contemporary Mathematics (designed for students who do not intend to continue the study of mathematics)
MATH 127 Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning (designed for students who do not intend to continue the study of mathematics)
MATH 114 College Mathematics and Statistics (designed for students who do not intend to continue the study of mathematics
MATH 115 Pre-Calculus (designed for students who intend to continue the study of mathematics)
OR Successful performance on the college proficiency exam.


The College Breadth requirements are in addition to the University Breadth requirement. Up to 3 credits from each of the University Breadth Requirement categories may be used to simultaneously satisfy these College of Arts and Sciences Breadth Requirements

Group A Creative Arts and Humanities. Nine credits representing at least two areas.

Group B History and Cultural Change. Nine credits representing at least two areas.

Group C Social and Behavioral Sciences. Nine credits representing at least two areas.

Group D Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology. A minimum of seven credits representing at least two areas including a minimum of one course with an associated laboratory.

If the grade earned is sufficient, a course may be applied toward more than one requirement (e.g., breadth and major requirements), but the credits are counted only once toward the total credits for graduation. If all but one course in a group has been taken in one department or program, a course cross-listed with that program will not satisfy the distribution requirement.


NOTE: The BA degree requires 52 credit hours minimum of art courses and 52 credit hours maximum. All grades in art courses must be C- or better.

Freshman Foundation Requirements Credits
ART 204 Media/Design/Culture 3
ART 209 Core Design 3
ART 218 Colloquium (1 Fall & 1 Spring) 2
ART 235 Core Drawing 3
ART 236 Core Painting 3
ART 284 Core Photography 3
ART 295 Core Ceramics 3
Total Freshman Foundation 20
Sophomore Foundation Requirements Credits
ART 205Core Interactive Media 3
ART 208 Core Typography 3
ART 218 Colloquium (1 Fall & 1 Spring) 2
ART 245 Core Printmaking 3
ART 255 Core Sculpture 3
ART 265 Core 3D Modeling 3
ART 285 Core Moving Images 3
Total Sophomore Foundation 20
Junior and Senior year (minimum grade C-) 12 Credits
Art Electives (See Below)

No more than 12 credits in any one studio area. At least three credits must be at the 400-level. (ceramics, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture
ART Electives (minimum grade C-) Credits
ART215 Seeing and Being 3
ART 230 Figure Drawing 3
ART 246 Screenprinting 3
ART 289 Documentary Photography 3
ART 307 Interaction Design 3
ART 309 Book Arts 3
ART 310 Photographic Design 3
ART 312 Illustration Methods 3
ART 317 Printmaking Strategies 3
ART 318 Applied Design Visits 3
ART 319 Applied Design Topics 3
ART 322 Advertising Design Methods 3
ART 324 The Art of Social Change 3
ART 326 Experimental Animation 3
ART 327 Expanded Printmaking 3
ART 331 Intermediate Painting 3
ART 334 Figure Painting 3
ART 335 Drawing Approaches 3
ART 341 Etching 3
ART 343 Lithography 3
ART 344 Digital Printmaking 3
ART 346 Letterpress Printing 3
ART 350 Sculpture Processes & Techniques 3
ART 370 Special Topics 3
ART 382 Alternative Photo Processes 3
ART 384 Photographic Strategies 3
ART 385 Moving Image Production 3
ART 386 Lighting Studio 3
ART 390 Ceramics-Wheel Throwing & Firing 3
ART 391 Ceramics-Time Based Approach 3
ART 393 Expanded Ceramic Processes 3
ART 406 Artist's Machine 3
ART 407 Topics in Art & Technology 3
ART 432 Painting Studio 3
ART 440 Printmaking Studio 3
ART 450 Sculpture Studio 3
ART 470 Special Topics 3
ART 481 Photo & Video Studio 3
Art History Requirements (minimum grade C-) 12 Credits
Of the total credits required for the degree, 12 credits must be of Art History, or 9 credits of Art History and 3 credits of ART315 Issues in Contemporary Art.


After required courses are completed sufficient elective credits must be taken to meet the minimum credit requirement for the degree.

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