Gasoline versus Electric Lifecycle Comparison

This Excel spreadsheet made available with permission of Pepco Holdings and Len Beck can be used to calculate costs and revenue for a vehicle providing V2G power. Parameters can be changed to test different conditions and assumptions. Download this document by clicking on this link, Gasoline Electric Lifecycle Comparison. Please note that there are three pages associated with this document. One of the Excel tabs is labeled “Instructions”; this contains directions for use of the spreadsheet. The second tab is the comparison spreadsheet, and the third tab documents “Baseline Assumptions.”

Example Regulation Signal Data

These two data files show PJM systemwide regulation dispatch requests. They can be used to test the response of electric vehicles or other resources to providing regulation. Each has one link for data and one to document the data. Slow regulation is the traditional regulation used for thermal generation: Slow Regulation Data and Slow Regulation Explanation. Fast regulation is post-FERC order 755, only for qualifying resources: Fast Regulation Data and Fast Regulation Explanation.