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Selection of Participants


Thirty principals were selected on the basis of their demonstrated success in carrying out school-based change to improve student understanding and learning, and for their potential to contribute to the operation of the Academy. Both public and private school principals, assistant principals, and teachers who have demonstrated leadership in their schools were eligible.


The program admits principals and others who had a strong record of effective leadership for change and carrying out school-based change to improve student learning. Also given serious consideration was the applicant's potential for contribution to the Academy. Applicants were asked to provide detailed information with supporting evidence about their experience with change and their desired outcomes as participants in the program.

Academy Alumnae/i

The National Principals' Leadership Academy has alumanae/i in 35 states plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. A list of alumnae/i with contact information is available on the Alumnae/i page.

Participant Comments

Please continue to foster excellence in the Academy...the overall program provides a myriad of experiences and opportunities for principals to develop and continue their professional growth.

The self-renewal and positive determination to make a difference will influence everything I say and do this year..

This experience has been one of the most important in my life. I've never learned so much in such a short time. The opportunities for intellectual and social/personal growth were structured for all of us to "stretch," and, indeed, we all stretched.

The wonderful ideas that were shared are second only to the wonderful feeling that now it's not quite as lonely out on the point as it felt before coming here.

I am happy to have had the opportunity to meet so many bright, articulate leaders and to have learned from each of them.

This is how you support leaders in accomplishing change. I have never before felt this kind of support in attempting to implement an innovative design--I'm not alone! Thanks!

The program sparked my creative essence to believe more fully in my own abilities and to create a wonderful network of colleagues with 'overpowering' abilities as a support team...the program exceeded my expectations.

Overall, the academy was a well-orchestrated and presented activity, the end result of thoughtful review, revision and collaboration. It represented the best educational experience I've had in many years.

My expectations were met--you presented me with a plethora of wonderful learning opportunities from outstanding presenters. I was extremely pleased with the entire institute.

I will travel any place, any time and where to learn different ways to promote teaching and learning. It just happened to be the National Principals' Leadership Academy that so overwhelmingly met my needs.

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