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  • Doug Archbald, professor, University of Delaware. Archbald has expertise in testing and assessment, curriculum, and information management. He has done seminal work in the area of "authentic assessment" and helped establish the concept in the late 80s

  • Katherine Farquhar, professor of Public Administration in the School of Public Affairs, American University, and national consultant in leadership and organizational development

  • Juan Fonseca, an award-winning principal in New York City for 20 years, has also been a teacher, a deputy superintendent, and involved for many years in administrator intern and professional development programs.

  • Frank Murray, H. Rodney Sharp Professor of Educational Studies and Psychology and the Director of the Center for Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Delaware

  • Clark Olsen, national consultant and facilitator of individual and organizational change

  • Chip Smoley, professor, University of Delaware, and recent Vice President-Education Consulting for Towers Perrin, Management Consultants

Serving as advisors to the Academy were Roland Barth, founding director of the Harvard Principals' Center and author of Improving Schools From Within and Robert Hampel, author of numerous articles and books on school restructuring, including The Last Little Citadel and Kids and School Reform (with Pat Wasley and Richard Clark).

Roland Barth
Author of Improving Schools From Within

"I find that the work the Academy is doing developing leadership and promoting the personal and professional learning of school principals from across the country truly pathbreaking. The team of faculty from the College of Education models teamwork, risk-taking, shared leadership, and both congeniality and collegiality. This is unusual in my experience in higher education. The results have led to the creation of a learning environment for school principals which respects and honors them and their craft knowledge. An emphasis on adventure, playfulness and creativity, coupled with rigorous reading, writing, and reflecting yields a hearty and heady mix, indeed. I especially value the continual presence of inventive experiential learning activities which pushes the boundaries of learning for everybody. If the experience of these school principals at the Academy can lead to schools which also value and exhibit these qualities--as I believe they will--then the future of public education in this country will be very rich indeed."

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