College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment - University of Delaware
School of Marine Science and Policy

MAST 873 - Marine Policy Seminar

Presentation Schedule Spring 2012- Professor Biliana Cicin-Sain
February 9 Meet with new students and then have a gathering in the open area outside of 308 Robinson Hall at 4:00 PM
February 16 No Class
February 23 Presenter - Gregory Ardini
Abstract - An Analysis of Recent Developments in the Northeast and Mid-Alantic Loligo Squid Fishery
Discussant - Steve Hulse
March 1 Presenter -Heather Thomson
Abstract - Wind Turbines - Good, Bad, or Ugly?
Discussant - Marisa Van Hoeven
March 8 Presenter - Marisa Van Hoeven
Abstract - Integrating Oceans and Coasts into the UNFCCC Process
Discussant -
Nicole Suto
March 15 Dr. James Corbett
Polar Code: The Failure of Arctic Shipping Policy
March 22 Discussion with Professor Parsons on New Curriculum
March 29 Spring Recess - No Class
April 5 Presenter - Nicole Suto
Abstract - Regulator Perceptions of Dynamic Pricing in the Mid-Atlantic
Discussant - Kaja Brix

April 12

Presenter -Steve Hulse
Abstract - Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance (MCS):  A review of tactics utilized by various
                Regional Fishery Management Organizations to Combat IUU fishing

Discussant -
Heather Thomson

Apri,l 19 Presenter -Kaja Brix
Abstract - The Marine Mammal Protection Act:
                 Evolution, Accomplishments, Current Status, and Future Prospects
Discussant - Gregory Ardini
April 26 Prof. Biliana Cicin-Sain, Dr. Miriam Balgos, Joe Appiott, Gwenaelle Hamon,
Marisa Van Hoeven, and Ryan Ono

Abstract - Oceans at Rio+20:  Report Cards on Progress Achieved and Influencing the Rio+20 Policy Agenda
May 3 Prof. George Parsons
Stated Preference Analysis of Delaware Bay Beaches
May 10 Prof. Willett Kempton
Why offshore wind power?
Isabel Noronha
Abstract - The EU Maritime Policy: The Emergence of Subnational Levels into Global Ocean Governance?