Graduate College of Marine Studies - University of Delaware
MAST 873 - Marine Policy Seminar
  Updated January 17, 2006
Presentation Schedule Fall 2005 - Professor George R. Parsons
September 1 Mark Sagoff, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland
Locke Was Right: Nature has Little Economic Value

September 8
Introduction to course (only for students taking course for a credit)
September  15 Professor Jeremy Firestone
September 22 Brian Atwater, 004 Kirkbride Hall, 3:45 pm
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September 29

Ami Kang
Quantification of previous ports visiting number to help regulation of Invasive Species through
Ballast Water by ship types

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October 6 Thomas Street
Assessing the Role of the International Seabed Authority in the Management of Biological Resources
of the Deep Seabed Beyond National Jurisdiction: A Case Study
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October 13 Ryan McDermott
Effect of Health Advisories in the Seafood Market
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October 20 Wil Burns - Chair, International Environmental Policy at Monterey
Institute of International Studies and Adjunct Professor of Law
at Santa Clara University's law school.
October 27 Lindsey Williams
Fisherman's Perspectives on Conservation Options for Cold Water Corals in the United States
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November 3 Amardeep Dhanju
Understanding Preceptions of Policy Makers Regarding Offshore Wind Power Development
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November 10

Kateryna Wowk
Integrated Coastal Zone Management Along Patagonia: An Opportunity for Success
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November 17 Tracy Rouleau
Governance in Marine Protected Areas: An Examination of the Regulatory and Management Framework
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November 24 Thanksgiving - no class
December 1

Amanda Wenczel
A Cost Benefit Analysis of the Proposed Action to Introduce Crassostrea ariakensis and
Continue Restoration Efforts with
Crassostrea virginica within the Chesapeake Bay
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December 8 Takashi Masuko
Understanding Social Support in Ocean Acidification Context: A SEM/LV Approach to Testing the Applied
Value-Belief-Norm Framework