Presentation Schedule Fall 2003 - Professor George R. Parsons
September 4  Introduction
September 11

Nicole Cass
Can Policy Makers Reduce Ballast Water Risk?
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September 18

State of Emergency - University of Delaware Closed

September 25 Chung-Ling Chen
Game-theoretical approaches to the joint management of chub mackerel in the Northeast Asia seas
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October 2 Melissa Theis
The Role of Technology in Achieving Environmental Policy Goals in the MTS
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October 9 Tracy Rouleau
Salmon, Sea Lions and Fisheries: Real Management or Political Economy?
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October 16 Takashi Masuko
Coral Reef Management Systems in Palau
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October 23 Gerard J. Mangone Symposium on:
National and International Policy Issues in Marine Transportation
October 30 Professor Parsons meets with first year students ONLY
to discuss upcoming presentations.
November 6 Chengfeng Wang
A Study of the Potential and Feasibility of Incentive-based Instruments for
Reducing Air Pollution from Ships
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November 13 Peter Gold/Phillip Whitaker   (20 minute presentations)
(Gold) Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Development for Wissahickon Creek
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(Whitaker) Wind as an Energy Resource
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November 20 Christen Loper/Christina Jarvis   (20 minute presentations)
(Loper) Investigating the sustainability of the cruise tourism industry
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(Jarvis) Sea Turtles and the U.S. Shrimp Industry: Is Coexistence Possible?
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December 4 Jason Didden
Measuring the Economic Value of Water Quality Improvements on the
Chesapeake Bay: An Application to Recreational Fishing
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