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April 12, 2005
by Andreas Muenchow

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Boarding the Twin
After waiting for almost a week, a Twin Otter was finally getting ready to fly most of us from Resolute via Eureka (Ellesmere Island) to our camp on Lafayette Bay (Greenland). This writer was not among them, but after som backing, loading, picture taking, and very short good-byes, Scott, Humfrey, Dave, Ron and Robert were off towards another step further into the cold and remote Arctic wilderness. So tonight will be the first night with an almost full complement of scientists in camp.

The timing of their departure coincided with an air-drop of fuel for the helicopter and anchor chains for our moorings. An Air Force unit flying from Washington State was scheduled to fly low over the camp site and drop fuel and mooring supplies via small parachutes near the camp. Hopefully that operation went well. Hopefully I can report on that tomorrow.

So only Helen and I are left in Resolute, and little besides computer work is left to do. Berit at UDel e-mailed me some detailed instructions on how to handle the pressure sensors she received from Scripps, Helen wrote a brief summary on the larger picture on how our work off Greenland relates to the palm trees in Scotland, and I was helping a glaciology graduate student with some interpretation of her conductivity measurements. A quiet day.