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April 11, 2005
by Andreas Muenchow and Helen Johnson

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In Resolute
Andreas, Dave and Helen arrived in Resolute on Saturday, to join Humfrey, Ron, Scott and Robert. We'll all spend a few days here at the Polar Continental Shelf Project base before flying out to our ice camp at Lafayette Bay. The scientific equipment is all ready to go now, so mostly we're just feeding ourselves up and waiting for a weather and flight window.

On Sunday evening we put our warm clothing to its first real test with a short hike across the tundra to Allen Bay. The weather was clear and sunny but so so cold and windy! It was beautiful with the low sun and blowing snow. After tramping around on the sea-ice and more than an hour outside we were all glad to head back for a warm drink. Since them we've been busy adapting our hats and neck gaiters to keep the wind at bay.