Walk This Weigh- Spring Wellness Campaign

March 11- May 5, 2013
Cost: 30 Wellness Dollars

Spring is on the way and now is a great time to move more and banish the last of those extra winter pounds. “Walk This Weigh” is a fun, self-paced program that will encourage you to walk more and maintain or work on attaining a healthy weight (weight loss activities are optional).  You may participate as an individual or join a team of co-workers for support. Register now and feel how good healthy can be!

Program includes:

  • Floor scale- SPECIAL OFFER- If 10 people who work in your building register for this program, you’ll receive a scale to share at your workplace for weigh-ins. The weigh-ins will be scheduled in your building and be staffed by HealthyU personnel. The scale remains in your building after the program is completed.
  • Step counting pedometer for all registered participants
  • Activity log to record steps and pounds lost
  • Pedometer pickup and program orientation- March 5th 10am-2pm Collins Room, Perkins Student Center
  • Weekly weigh-ins at various locations on campus
  • Weekly e-newsletter with tips about walking, healthy eating and easy recipes
  • "Couch to 5K" walking/jogging group led by Wellness Center staff, Mondays 5-6pm Meet at General Services Bldg
  • Walking Wednesdays- weekly workshops and group walks on Wednesdays between 12-1pm
  • Participate as an individual or form a team of co-workers

Grand Prizes:
Meet your walking goals and return your log by May 10th to be eligible for the drawing for grand prizes- 6 lucky winners will be drawn for one of:

  • Three $50 gift certificates to Delaware Running Company or
  • Three Fit Bit Zip wireless activity trackers

Walking goals
You’ll track your steps on at least 5 days a week.  When you receive your log, you may choose the activity goal that’s best for you, based on your time availability and current fitness level. If you wear your pedometer all day, you can expect to accumulate about 3,000 steps just by going through your normal day without any exercise walking.  For most people, 1 mile is about 2,000 steps.

Activity Goals




At least 30,000 steps

Best if you’re just getting started.


At least 40,000 steps

Best if you’re walking less than 20 minutes/day now.

Health benefits

At least 50,000 steps

Best if you’re walking at least 30 minutes/day now.

Fitness/ Weight loss

At least 60,000 steps

Best if you’re walking more than 30 minutes/day now.

Note: Other aerobic activities count for this program.  If you do an activity which cannot be measured with a pedometer (like swimming, rowing, etc.), a conversion chart will be available so you can record an equivalent number of steps.

Bonus steps:

If you wish, you can earn bonus steps by participating in weekly weigh-ins.  You can earn bonus steps as follows:

  • 500 bonus steps/week- attend a weekly weigh-in
  • 1,000-6,000 bonus steps/week- earn 1,000 steps for each ½ pound you lose, up to 3 pounds each week.  Your weekly weight loss will always be compared to your initial weight.

Register for this program by March 6th