The Role of Wellness Ambassadors

The primary roles of volunteer ambassadors are champion university-wide wellness initiatives in their units, buildings or academic departments, by encouraging co-workers to actively participate in HealthyU programs and to lead by personal example. Ambassadors also provide feedback and input from their units to program staff as a way of improving future wellness offerings.

Wellness Ambassadors agree to:

Let your co-workers know you are a Wellness Ambassador
Share your contact info, answer questions about the wellness programs and feel free to contact HealthyU with any questions you cannot answer. A list of Wellness Ambassadors will be published on the HealthyU website.

Lead by example
Wellness can be contagious! Share your enthusiasm for healthy choices with your co-workers and invite them to join you.  Healthy habits enhance the working environment and can contribute to an upward spiral of positive energy which benefits everyone. If you are excited about a program or a wellness activity, others will be too.

Keep co-workers updated on wellness information
You’ll receive monthly updates with interesting wellness resources you can share with your co-workers  at regular staff meetings, handouts or by whatever means work best for your unit or building.

Go above and beyond
Take wellness into your hands. Organize walks and healthy potlucks in your office to encourage additional participation in healthy habits in your coworkers. Think outside the box to get your coworkers to participate in different healthy habits in the office.

Encourage wellness leadership within your unit
There may be someone in your building as gung-ho about health as you are. Invite them to help you.

Share your successes

Tell us stories about how your co-workers are making wellness a reality at work.  We’ll post them on the HealthyU website as an inspiration for others.

Provide feedback and information to HealthyU
Serve on the wellness committee for program planning and identify wellness issues and potential solutions for your work community, as well as potential ideas, strategies and programs for enhancing wellness and a healthy culture/work environment in general. This feedback will be requested twice a year and may take the form of a survey, webinar or lunchtime meeting.

HealthyU Employee Wellness is committed to improving and sustaining the overall health and well-being of the university community. We provide employees with the resources necessary to perform at their best and support their quality of life.