VOLUME 26 #1

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Blue Hen Bucket List
for Current Students

If you were graduating this May, how many could you check off?

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□ Attend graduation and get inducted into the UD Alumni Association

□ Attend Alumni Weekend

□ Come back for Homecoming

□ Write a thank you note to a professor or adviser

□ Donate to your senior class gift

□ Attend the Senior Fling

□ Take a picture at a fountain on campus

□ Sing karaoke with your peers

□ Enjoy live music and learn the history of The Deer Park Tavern

□ Get involved or attend an event with a local alumni club or regional organization

□ Volunteer your time as an alum

□ Visit Main Street with your fellow senior classmates

□ Decorate your cap or wear a stole at graduation

□ Reconnect with an old roommate or classmate

□ Get together and take a picture outside your old residence hall or plan a reunion with your freshmen floor

□ Take a picture with your department building sign

□ Mentor a Blue Hen


□ Visit the famous kissing arches

□ Find the solar system on campus

□ Rub Hugh Morris’ nose

□ Take a picture with YoUDee or Baby Blue

□ Visit the UDairy Creamery

□ Eat at every dining hall

□ Participate in I Heart UD events

□ Join an organization, registered student organization or Greek life

□ Attend a non-football sporting event

□ Attend UDance or Relay for Life

□ Eat at Vita Nova

□ Take a picture with the Blue Hen on Laird Campus

□ Go ice skating at the Fred Rust Ice Arena

□ See a movie at Trabant Theater

□ Read The Review or listen to WVUD

□ Decorate your residence hall room

□ Visit the Little Bob and check out the Rock Climbing Room

□ Attend a SCPAB or CPAB concert

□ Visit White Clay Creek

□ Attend a Homecoming week event

□ Make Dean’s List

□ Have a picnic on The Green

□ Volunteer with an organization or UDaB (UD Alternative Break)

□ Complete your Discovery Learning Experience

□ Eat at a food cart

□ Sign your UD Alumni Association class banner

□ High-five the president or dean of your college

□ Attend a Career Services Center event or meeting

□ Visit the UD Botanic Gardens

□ Get decked out in blue and gold for a football game

□ Attend Parents and Family Weekend

□ Hear a guest speaker on campus

□ Visit a campus museum

□ Eat at Newark Deli and Bagels

□ Eat Klondike Kate’s nachos

□ Go to a non-chain coffeehouse

□ Watch the sunrise or sunset on The Green

□ Play on the Harrington Beach

□ Take a fitness class or BHAN (Behavioral Health and Nutrition) class

□ Visit the steps of Old College

□ Pull an all-nighter (studying)

□ Attend a student performance (non-athletic)

□ Participate in 1743 Welcome Days

BONUS IDEAS (thanks, social media)

□ Measure your child at the UD pool (Wendi (Focht) Jacobs, BE00)

□ Tailgate with the fam (Sydney Louise)

This bucket list has been created by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations


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