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Teacher of the Year

Photo of Virginia Forcucci

ALUMNI | Virginia Forcucci, AS93, who began her teaching career 20 years ago dismayed that she was unable to connect with her students, has been named Delaware’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.

An English teacher at Sussex Technical High School in Georgetown, Delaware, she was selected from a group of 20 finalists, chosen to represent the state’s 19 public school districts and charter school networks, which employ more than 9,000 teachers.

In nominating her for the award, her students (both present and former) gushed over her classes and discussions, comparing them to a “sanctuary [that left them] renewed, enlightened, and inspired.” Fellow teachers also commented on her ever-present passion, elaborating on how deeply Forcucci cares for her students. As a colleague put it, Forcucci is “an incredible educator and an incredible person.”

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