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Understanding GMOs

As a veterinarian and UD graduate who spent a career in food animal medicine, I was heartened to see an issue of your magazine have a heavy emphasis on the important subject of food. It is a resource that all too many people just take for granted, have little true understanding of what they buy and consume, and are way too vulnerable to fads and gimmicks.

I read the article on poultry and found it to be honest, informative and well written, even though there are aspects other than disease which are important to the subject. I wish I could say the same thing about your [book excerpt] on GMOs. For a subject of such controversy and true importance in today’s society, coupled with the fact that the University has faculty, staff, alumni and others so well-experienced and knowledgeable on the subject, I am afraid I must say you did not do the subject, or your readers, justice.

An expression I used often in conversations and talks at meetings was “hungry people are not happy people,” and with so many people in this country and the rest of the world truly hungry, I believe this sad subject demands a better understanding of our food supply. Factual and current information on GMOs and food can only help make the world a better, safer and happier place.

—Spangler Klopp, ANR66, 68M, Lewes, Delaware

In memory

image of first spread from poultry story in last messenger

I enjoy the Messenger and its excellent art direction and writing, and am inspired to hear about the many fine programs, students, instructors and professors working at the U of D.

Among those professors and instructors has been a longtime friend, John Southard—an extremely generous man whose career as perhaps Delaware's finest jazz pianist (as well as a deeply inspirational instructor of music) has touched the lives of an extraordinary number of people at the University, in northern Delaware and across the Philadelphia region. I attended his memorial service in Newark in mid-March, and there were literally hundreds of people there.

I rarely reach out like this, but thought his story was worth sharing.

—Michael Cerulli Billingsley, AS67, Plainfield, Vermont


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