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Between the Covers

Between the Covers

Bookcover of Influx
Bookcover of Misconception
Bookcover of Poison Spring
Bookcover of Saving Lucas Biggs

Michael J. Balick, AG75, Rodale’s 21st Century Herbal: A Practical Guide for Healthy Living Using Nature’s Most Powerful Plants, Rodale Books.

Ann V. Bell, assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice, Misconception: Social Class and Infertility in America, Rutgers University Press.

Joel Best, professor of sociology and criminal justice, and Eric Best, BE05, 10M, AS13PhD, The Student Loan Mess: How Good Intentions Created a Trillion-Dollar Problem, University of California Press.

Hal Bodley, AS59, How Baseball Explains America, Triumph Books.

William W. Boyer, Charles Polk Messick Professor Emeritus of Political Science and International Relations, and Edward C. Ratledge, BE71, 72M, director of UD’s Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research, Pivotal Policies in Delaware: From Desegregation to Deregulation, University of Delaware Press.

Donald Brown, AS89, Bob Dylan: American Troubadour, Rowman and Littlefield.

David Buehrer, AS87M, 91PhD, The Psychology of Social Class in the Fiction of Russell Banks, Denis Johnson and Harry Crews: Neo-Realism, Naturalism and Humanism in Contemporary Fiction, Edwin Mellen Press.

Dennis Carey, AS71, 73M, co-author, Boards That Lead: When to Take Charge, When to Partner, and When to Stay Out of the Way, Harvard Business Review Press.

Dawn M. Drake, EO08M, A Profile of the Farm Machinery Industry: Helping Farmers Feed the World, Business Expert Press.

Robert L. Hampel, professor of education, Paul Diederich and the Progressive American High School, Information Age Publishing.

McKay Jenkins, Cornelius Tilghman Professor of English, co-author with E.G. Vallianatos, Poison Spring: The Secret History of Pollution and the EPA, Bloomsbury Press.

Jacqueline Jones, AS70, A Dreadful Deceit: The Myth of Race from the Colonial Era to Obama’s America, Basic Books.

Arthur A. Joyce, AS80, editor, Polity and Ecology in Formative Period Coastal Oaxaca, University Press of Colorado.

Bruce R. Joyce, EH57M, co-author, Models of Teaching (ninth edition), Pearson.

Faye Kitariev, HS95, Choreography of Awakening, Amazon.

Donald Lehman, associate professor of medical laboratory sciences, co-editor, Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology, Elsevier.

Amy (A.P.) Morris, AS97, Unwrapping Me: With Some Help from My Friends, Synchronistic Books.

Marian Lief Palley, professor emerita of political science and international relations, co-author with Howard A. Palley, The Politics of Women’s Health Care in the United States, Palgrave Macmillan.

Noelle Sickels, AS68, Out of Love, La Sirena Press.

Daniel Suarez, AS87, Influx, Dutton.

Terry Jean Taylor, EH65, This Is Your Life: No Apology Needed: The Working Woman’s Common Sense Guide to Guilt-Free Joyous Living, Your Recipe for Living Coach.

David Teague, associate professor of literature, UD Associate in Arts program, co-author with Marisa de los Santos, Saving Lucas Biggs, HarperCollins.

Katherine Leonard Turner, AS02M, 08PhD, How the Other Half Ate: A History of Working-Class Meals at the Turn of the Century (the California Studies in Food and Culture series), University of California Press.

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