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From Our President

UD President Patrick T. Harker

This spring, it will be five years since UD embarked on its Path to Prominence. The Path is our roadmap to becoming the University of our aspirations. It’s our declaration of the things we think are important to achieve and how we will achieve them.

Because prominence rarely follows meek proposals, the milestones set out along this Path are ambitious: We will provide students a diverse and stimulating undergraduate experience. We will be a premier research and graduate university. We will achieve excellence in professional education. We will be an international leader in environmental research, technology, education and policy. We will be a community of global citizens, and put our knowledge to work around the world. We will serve our local community and share the riches of this University with our neighbors.

We’ve made tremendous progress on our Path, and I see extraordinary efforts to meet these milestones every day.

Look at the story on UD’s interdisciplinary Horn Program in Entrepreneurship encouraging students to be innovative thinkers and bringing a variety of entrepreneurs to campus to share their experiences, and consider how it contributes to a diverse and stimulating undergraduate experience. Look at the PDShoe, an innovation out of UD’s mechanical engineering department and School of Nursing, which uses sensors and vibrations to improve mobility for those with Parkinson’s disease. And now consider our goal to be a premier research and graduate university.

Our new AACSB-accredited online MBA program is opening access to our competitive business curriculum—and it’s furthering our excellence in professional education. Urban forest administrator and UD alumna Mandy Tolino is greening up Wilmington, Del.—and she’s advancing our initiative for the planet. The Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage is training Iraq’s museum professionals in techniques to preserve their history and archaeology—and it’s broadening our global citizenship. The students of PRoUD are socializing and training puppies in preparation for their work as guide dogs—and they’re serving a community made richer by their engagement.

We’re not at the end of our Path. We have much more work to do and many more miles to go. But, every day, we’re closer to being the University we want to be. I hope as you read this issue of the UD Messenger, you’ll find each of our milestones in the work of our students, faculty, staff and alumni, and you’ll know that our destination is within reach.

Patrick T. Harker
President, University of Delaware


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