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From our Alumni Association

Alumni Association President Darelle Riabov

One of my self-imposed goals during this term as president of UDAA has been to foster relationships among our Board of Directors. Strong relationships have been critical to the success of this group. As fellow Blue Hens, we quickly became colleagues, collaborators and—most of all—friends. I’m confident that the valuable relationships we have forged will continue well into the future.

I’ve promoted this relationship goal to all alumni as well, by urging you to “come back” to your alma mater, or photograph yourself for “Where’s YoUDee” as you travel. I’ve dared you to establish a tradition for yourself or tour the beautifully enhanced campus. I’ve even debunked the top 10 reasons for not getting involved with UD.

It has been a distinct and deep honor for me to serve as president of UDAA. This has been one of the greatest satisfactions I have had in a volunteer role—and definitely the most fun. I’ve been thankful for the opportunity to represent such a distinguished group of alumni, more than 157,000 Blue Hens worldwide. With each passing year, we continue to see alumni who achieve notable accomplishments, represent us well and deepen our pride in UD. This year, we could boast about two Blue Hen world champions in football, including an MVP, who turned a positive spotlight on Delaware.

As my term comes to an end, I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize and thank the members of my dynamic Board of Directors, who have made it a delight to serve as president. Their support, dedication and humor have been greatly appreciated. This is an amazingly talented group. I will miss our meetings and events (and jokes) more than I can say. UDAA will be in good hands going forward. I would also like to recognize the Office of Alumni Relations for its many contributions to our success, and its quiet and competent support behind the scenes.

In my parting words to all of you, I ask you once again to find a way to engage in a fulfilling and lifelong relationship with this proud University. Whether you attend Alumni Weekend or Homecoming, join an event hosted by a regional alumni club, serve on a reunion committee or, better yet, join our board, please create a new level of involvement for yourself.

As I leave this role with some sadness, one fact remains: Just as for all of you, I’ll be a Blue Hen Forever. Of course, I must leave you with one last dare—to become a future UDAA president. If you do, David Letterman or I would be glad to develop a top-10 list of reasons you’ll enjoy it.

Thank you for your support and for the many new relationships this role has given me.


Darelle Lake Riabov EH73
President, UD Alumni Association

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