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From our Alumni Association

Alumni Association President Darelle Riabov

Thank you to the more than 3,000 of you who came back for Alumni Weekend. Even the threatening weather couldn't ruffle any Blue Hen feathers.

For those of you who have yet to reignite your relationship, I offer—and respond to—the top 10 reasons (with apologies to David Letterman) alumni give for not getting involved with their alma mater. For those of you who are already engaged, the list can help enhance your involvement. So, without waiting for late-night TV, here's the Top Ten Hen List.

  • 10. I don't need to be involved. You don't need to—but why wouldn't you want to be associated with a place that counts as notable alumni: the U.S. vice president, the Ravens' starting quarterback, a Nobel Prize winner, a Tony Award-winning choreographer and three signers of the Declaration of Independence?
  • 9. I forget the words to the alma mater. There's always an outstanding music student who sings at the football games so you won't have to.
  • 8. I have no idea what I can do to help. We've got a lot of ideas. Just email us at alumni-association@udel.edu or find ideas at UDconnection.com.
  • 7. I'll have to give money if I get involved. Not really. But we think you'll be so proud once you get involved that the money will fly out of your wallet.
  • 6. I'm too busy. The expression is to ask a busy person to help you if you want it done right. We want it done right, so help us.
  • 5. I'm not local. So join one of our many regional alumni clubs around the country, and as a bonus, you may learn to cook, visit the White House or cheer for your local sports team with a flock of fellow Blue Hens.
  • 4. I've been away too long. If I can get involved after 25 years and end up serving as UDAA president, anyone can come back to the nest.
  • 3. I don't know anyone anymore. I didn't either when I first got involved, but now, I know Hens from different states, occupations and graduating classes—great people I would never have met without my UD connection.
  • 2. It costs money to join the Alumni Association. What part of "dues-free" have you been missing? On top of that, there are many benefits and services available to alumni (see No. 8).
  • And the top reason you say you can't get involved with your alma mater is… No one asked me.

Allow me to be the first. Send me an email and I'll ask (see No. 8).

And if nothing else, I hope you'll feel guilty the next time you watch David Letterman's Top 10.


Darelle Lake Riabov EH73
President, UD Alumni Association

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