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Tony Anderson
Tony Anderson is not just a doctoral alumnus and supplemental faculty member at UD, not just an administrator at an ambitious Philadelphia charter school, but also a hip-hop impresario. The artists he manages are teens who were at risk of dropping out of school until they encountered Anderson.

A big boost for
small museums

Students in the Museum Studies Program recently worked with the extensive collections—from delicate glassware in a china cabinet to a garage full of Stanley Steamer automobiles—at Auburn Heights Preserve in Yorklyn, Del. With the help of a new national grant, the program will be able to assist many more small regional museums.

Penguins in Antarctic

Follow the penguins

Researchers are tracking penguins in Antarctica to find out which species are traveling where in search of food as rising temperatures cause sea ice to diminish. "We're not just down there bird watching," says Matthew Oliver, assistant professor of oceanography. "This is a concerted effort to put the whole ecosystem together."

Robert McCracken Peck

Naturalist finds life of
adventure and fulfillment

After earning a master's degree at UD, Robert McCracken Peck took a job at the Academy of Natural Sciences, where he figured he'd stay for a year or two. But when the job offered opportunities to travel the world on expeditions, he knew it was a perfect fit. Thirty-five years later, he's still at it.

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