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Computer scientists team up on Air Force project

Taufer and Humphrey
Photo by Evan Krape
Michela Taufer and John Humphrey are working together on research for the Air Force.

ALUMNI | A company whose computing team is led by a UD graduate will be working with the University’s Department of Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) on research for the Air Force.

EM Photonics and CIS were selected by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to develop innovative algorithms for scientific computing, modeling and simulation for a multi-GPU (graphics processing unit) environment. Numerous Air Force applications will benefit from this research effort, including electromagnetic modeling, computational fluid dynamics, structural mechanics and radiation transport.

The EM Photonics’ GPU computing team is led by John Humphrey, EG ’02, ’04M, who developed the GPU-accelerated math library CULAtools and will be working closely with Michela Taufer’s group, the Global Computing Laboratory at UD. Taufer is an assistant professor in CIS.

The new team has extensive experience in the massive parallelization of computationally intense algorithms on GPUs and can rely on the deployment of the University’s largest supercomputer, code-named “Geronimo.”


“We have successfully collaborated in the past with Dr. Taufer’s group, and their familiarity with our CULA library adds great value to this project,” Humphrey says. “With access to a set of GPU libraries that can address the computational needs of so many applications, Air Force engineers can stay focused on their specific projects without having to write software code for advanced GPU architectures.”

Taufer says the collaboration will benefit UD students as well.

“There is a tremendous need today for skilled engineers and computer scientists in this research area,” she says. “This project provides us the unique opportunity to train our students for future challenges in high performance computing by combining academic and industrial experience.”

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