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To our Editors


That was a great issue of the Messenger I just read [with a cover story on the student-operated UDairy Creamery in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources].

Being in the food manufacturing industry, I really appreciated the coverage of the food business and food science. I am a proud Blue Hen who graduated in 2003 with a degree in hotel, restaurant and institutional management and a minor in food science.

Thanks to the writers of the article and also to Dr. Harker for his mention of food and animal sciences in his letter.

Justin E. Crews, BE ’03



I intently read Derek Harper’s article about New Jersey’s new governor, Chris Christie [AS ’84]. What a great honor for UD to tout this promising and committed Republican in our neighboring state.

Being a New Jersey native who moved to Delaware 20 years ago and sent two young adults to UD [graduating in 2002 and 2006], I know all too well the mess that state has been in for years. Gov. Christie brings outstanding, conservative values and credentials to his new position and is taking on an adversarial, liberal-controlled Assembly and Senate to try to fix decades of predominantly Democratic policies that have made it one of the highest-taxed states in the U.S.

While political science Prof. James Magee, who is quoted in the article, had some fine things to say about Gov. Christie, his distinctly progressive college educator leanings were unnecessary in his quote that Christie was “respectful of views that differed from his own, unlike much of the nonsense that passes for political discourse today.” This obvious but nicely hidden allusion to mainstream movements in opposition to the current administration in Washington was uncalled for in The Messenger, a classy magazine that does not need to subliminally inject liberal bias into articles. Better to leave those lines on the cutting room floor.

Gary Dunham, parent and UD supporter



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