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Strategic plan focuses on values and vision

ALUMNI | The UD Alumni Association (UDAA) has completed the first phase of its strategic planning process to help align the Association with the strategic plans of both UD, the Path to ProminenceTM, and the Office of Alumni Relations.

An outside consultant, Mergence Consulting, has been hired to lead the Association through this process to ensure that its objectives, programs, activities, events and scholarships appropriately benefit alumni and the University.

During the first phase, board members met on campus in December for an all-day session to discuss the organization’s passions, values, vision and mission statements and to complete a thorough SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis. Several strategic objectives for future implementation developed from the day’s discussions, which were attended by 22 board members, including the full UDAA Executive Committee.


Association President Alan Brayman, BE ’73, says he was thrilled with the energy and professionalism of his fellow board members.

“Everyone took time from their busy work schedules and contributed in creating a written strategic plan document that will provide direction for the future goals and objectives of the Association,” Brayman says. “During the all-day session, the talented and diverse members of the board created a fantastic vision and mission statement and a list of strategic objectives and values that will guide the UDAA for many years. This strategic planning initiative will ensure that we align our Association goals and objectives with UD’s Path to Prominence.”

Before the December session, a survey was sent to about 14,500 alumni asking for their input on a variety of topics including alumni engagement and communications, functions of the UDAA, membership dues and alumni events. The results were used to help guide the board in trying to determine the future of the organization and the needs and wants of alumni.

All survey participants were entered into a drawing, with two winners randomly selected to receive a $100 Visa gift card—Wenny Katzenstein, AS ’97, and Cheryl Hendry, AS ’03.

Mergence Consulting also has been retained to complete the second phase of the strategic planning process, which includes developing a roadmap for initiating the strategic objectives outlined in the first phase. Measurable initiatives, time frames and accountability are an important part of this plan. A UDAA report card will also be created and used at each quarterly board meeting to help the Association gauge whether the initiatives, priorities and objectives are being met or if changes need to be made to stay on track.

The Association is also considering a third phase, which will include a large-scale revision to its bylaws.

For more information about the UD Alumni Association, including the full list of board members and how to get involved, visit www.UDconnection.com/UDAA.


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