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To our Editors


Our copy of the July Messenger arrived, and Eleanor [EP ’44] and I had the pleasure of browsing, cover to cover, and then reading (about a dozen times) the fine article Sue Moncure wrote on the 50th anniversary of our advertising agency.

The story noted our relationship 50 years ago to the Pensacola [Fla.] Quadricentennial and this year’s 450-year celebration. Right now, I find myself in the midst of a related project. Our local cable operator, Cox Cable, became interested in preserving many of our stories that relate to four and one-half centuries. Thus, I’ve become a video storyteller. There will be about 90 15-minute episodes, which will deal with everything from early explorers and settlers to the evolution of governments, education and culture. New chapters will be introduced weekly through the year, beginning in mid-August. All will appear as free “Films on Demand” and will be produced as DVDs and made available to schools and others.

Through each step, I thank my University of Delaware history faculty who further generated my interest in such things.

John Appleyard, AS ’47



My father, Daniel R. Morgan [BE ’74], played football and wrestled at UD from 1969-73. In the July issue, the article “Outstanding Seniors Earn Applause” states that Kheon Hendricks, the 2009 winner of the Outstanding Senior Male Athlete Award, was the 40th football player to earn that award but the first offensive lineman since Hank Vollendorf in 1969. Dan Morgan, an offensive lineman for the Hens, won the award in 1973. Although my father would never write requesting this correction, I’m sure he secretly wishes for the record to be set straight.

Julia Morgan, AS ’04

Editor’s note: Dan Morgan was indeed named UD’s Outstanding Senior Male Athlete in 1973. We regret the error.



The article “First-Class Glass” in your last issue brought to my attention my own experience as a ChE graduate student.

During my experimental work, near disaster struck in the form of a brick, which fell from above during construction of a building, crashing through a window and taking a good portion of my nearly completed glass apparatus with it! This is when Prof. Robert L. Pigford came to my rescue, demonstrating his skill in working glass by replacing the broken Pyrex joints and allowing my work to proceed.

John J. Keyes Jr., AS ’52PhD




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