The University of Delaware Collegiate Figure Skating Team has won its fourth straight national championship.

Four straight

UD Collegiate Figure Skating Team wins fourth consecutive national title


7:19 a.m., April 14, 2016--The University of Delaware Collegiate Figure Skating Team (UDFS) hosted the 2016 intercollegiate championships April 9-10 at the Fred Rust Ice Arena, winning its fourth straight national championship. 

UDFS again defeated its East Coast rivals, Dartmouth College and Boston University.

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The top nine qualifying schools from across the nation traveled to Newark over the weekend in hopes of going home with the gold. 

UDFS totaled 103 points, Dartmouth College finished second with 81 points and Boston University finished third with 74.5 points. 

UDFS has been working on hosting this event since the fall to ensure it went off without a hitch. The event featured special guests, including UD Acting President Nancy Targett, Matthew Robinson, interim director of athletics, and the UD mascot, YoUDee. 

It also included the UD Proud Puppies club, a photo booth, and a “what I love about collegiate skating” wall. 

UD freshmen Annabel Will and Taylor Aruanno described their first national championship competition. “It was so much fun competing against the best schools and getting to know the other skaters,” Will said. “What made it even better was the fact that it was at our home rink and our families, friends, and other students, and faculty members of UD, were able came to support us.” 

Aruanno added, “It was a great experience. I'm happy that my first nationals experience was on home ice. I loved getting to see all the schools that we don't usually compete against.”

UDFS fundraising chair Jessica Sugarman talked about the amazing level of support she received. "The support this weekend from teammates, family, and classmates was incredible,” she said. “The best part of competing on home ice is that I feel confident skating here, and comfortable knowing that all of my friends are around to support me. The energy in the ice arena made this win so exciting for all teammates. As a senior, this was a wonderful way to cap off my last four years on this team."

UDFS competition chair Aly Rasmussen spoke of the special guests who attended the closing ceremonies. “It was a true honor to share our home ice with such remarkably talented skaters,” she said. “We worked hard to ensure that every aspect of the entire weekend was special for all teams. We were delighted to have the opportunity to include Acting President Nancy Targett, interim athletic director Matthew Robinson, and the Newark firefighters in the closing ceremonies.”

Hannah Kimberly, UDFS vice president, reflected on her final collegiate championship and her hopes for the team in the future. “Winning a national title all four years of my college career has been unreal,” she said. “I have put so much work into my skating and into this team, and this team has grown and developed an incredibly amount over these four year. It is an honor to see all of that hard work pay off in the form of four consecutive national titles.

“Looking forward for this team, I hope that we can keep the momentum that we've been building since my first year at UD. Skatingwise, I hope that the team can remember their love for the sport and embrace that as they continue to skate throughout college. I know that we have the strong leadership needed to maintain the success our team has had and continue to encourage our skaters to be the best they can be both on and off the ice.”

Beth Kalbach, UDFS president, talked about the tough competition and how the title doesn’t come easy. “Every year, nationals is our toughest competition because we are competing with the eight best schools in the country,” she said. “This year was no exception, competition was fierce and we love that the other schools constantly push us to be our best… We are so proud to be Blue Hens and to represent this amazing school, club sports department, and rink.”

This is the sixth overall national title, and fourth consecutive title, for UDFS. 

Fans who would like to cheer on the national champions are invited to attend the UDFS annual benefit show at 3:30 p.m., Sunday, May 1, at the Fred Rust Ice Arena.

The UDFS winners for the 2016 intercollegiate championships include: 

  • Taylor Aruanno: first place, High Team Maneuvers; first place, Junior Ladies Short; first place, Junior Ladies Championship Freeskate.
  • Kathleen Criss: first place, High Team Maneuvers; fifth place, Junior Ladies Short; third place Junior Ladies Championship; fifth place, International Dance; sixth place, Gold Solo Dance.
  • Allison Fortney: second place, Medium Team Maneuvers.
  • Jonathan Jerothe: third place, Junior Men Championship Freeskate.
  • Beth Kalbach: second place, Medium Team Maneuvers; third place, Novice Ladies Freeskate.
  • Hannah Kimberly: first place, High Team Maneuvers; third place, Novice Dance; first place, Intermediate Solo Dance; first place, Senior Ladies Test Track Freeskate.
  • Becky Lisac: third place, Low Team Maneuvers; sixth place, Juvenile Ladies Freeskate.
  • Kayla Nodecker: fifth place, Novice Solo Dance.
  • Samantha Puhl: fourth place, Senior Ladies Championship; eighth place Senior Ladies short.
  • Aubrie Roszell: fifth place, Junior Ladies Test Track.
  • Chloe Roberts: first place, Pre-Juvenile Ladies Freeskate.
  • Regina Rubino: third place, Low Team Maneuvers; seventh place, Juvenile Ladies Freeskate.
  • Jacob Schedl: second place, Medium Team Maneuvers; first place; Preliminary Men’s Freeskate; third place, International Dance; first place, Gold Solo Dance.
  • Janelle Skaden: second place, Medium Team Maneuvers; fourteenth place, Novice Ladies Short; seventh place, Novice Ladies Freeskate. 
  • Clarke Snell: fifth place, Preliminary Solo Dance.
  • Jessica Sugarman: first place, Junior Solo Dance.
  • Courtney Taylor: first place, High Team Maneuvers; first place, Senior Ladies Short; sixth place, Juvenile Solo Dance; second place, Preliminary Solo Dance; first place, Senior Ladies Championship Freeskate.
  • Annabel Will: first place, Intermediate Ladies Short, sixth place Intermediate Ladies Freeskate.
  • Kameron Wong: third place, Low Team Maneuvers.

Article by Amelia Ludwick 

Photo courtesy of UDFS

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