An opening reception for the exhibition "Carteles Cubanos" will be held from 5-7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 10, in Recitation Gallery, located in Recitation Hall. The exhibition will be on display in Recitation Gallery until Sept. 26.

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Exhibition, new study abroad program offer look at Cuban culture


12:33 p.m., Sept. 10, 2014--Cuba has been somewhat of a place of mystery to many Americans due to a long-lasting economic embargo, ongoing political hostilities and a diplomatic relationship that is arguably frozen.

However, art and a study abroad opportunity now provide the University of Delaware community and students with the chance to get a glimpse into the vibrant and diverse art and culture of the country, whose capital is just 232 miles from Miami.

Global Stories

Fulbright awards

Three University of Delaware students and an alumna have received word this spring that they will travel abroad as part of the newest class of Fulbright Student Program award winners.

Peace Corps plans

Two University of Delaware students, John McCarron and Bridgette Spritz, have been selected as Peace Corps volunteers and will serve in Ghana and Rwanda.

‘Carteles Cubanos’ exhibition

Colette Gaiter, associate professor of art, has traveled to Cuba four times since 2007, most recently in 2013 to present at a design conference.

Gaiter’s exhibition of Cuban posters, photographs and other ephemera titled, Carteles Cubanos, will be on display in UD’s Recitation Gallery until Sept. 26.

There will be an opening reception from 5-7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 10, in the gallery, located in Recitation Hall on north campus. 

The exhibition is sponsored by the Department of Art.

Winter 2015 Study Abroad Program

In the more than 90-year history of UD’s study abroad programs, only one group has traveled to Cuba. That program was led by Cuban-born Amalia Veitia in 2004, through the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

During Winter Session 2015, students can embark on a journey to explore Cuba’s dynamic culture, its rich visual art history that is full of innovation and tradition, as well as contemporary practices.

Students participating in the program will take courses in art and culture, interact with artists and historians, and visit iconic cities. 

These experiences will give students the ability to immerse themselves in a culture full of history, music, dance, art, creativity and get to know la Cubanía, or the Cuban way. 

“You cannot know what la Cubanía means unless you go there. The Cuban outlook toward life, no matter the hardships, is savvy, cheerful, cynical, resilient and more,” said Gaiter.

A slideshow of Cuba created by Gaiter displays the lifestyle and energy of the country. 

“It is a potentially life-changing experience to see a society that was run under such different laws, rules and values for so long,” said Persephone Braham, associate professor of foreign languages and literatures, who conducted research for her first book in Cuba and will be teaching the class on Cuban and Caribbean cultures. 

An interest meeting for the program will be held from 3-4 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 10, in the Recitation Hall Gallery. More information on the program can be found here

There are no prerequisites for either of the courses offered on the program, Art and Design in Cuban Life (ART367) or Sugar, Salsa, and Santería: Contemporary Cuba and the Caribbean (FLLT367/LAMS367). Both courses are taught in English.

Students interested in the program are encouraged to attend an interest meeting, visit the program information page and email Gaiter at or Braham at with questions.

The Winter Session 2015 Cuba study abroad program is sponsored by the Department of Art, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and the Latin American and Iberian Studies Program. 

U.S.-Cuba Relations

In 1961, the U.S. government imposed an order limiting the ability of its citizens to visit Cuba, and its airline offices and travel agents to book tourist travel to Cuba via third countries. These regulations are governed and enforced by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and within that Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Americans are not allowed to travel to Cuba as tourists on a vacation because that is seen as supporting the Cuban economy and violates the embargo. Scholarly, cultural, and humanitarian exchanges are allowed.

Study Abroad

The Institute for Global Studies administers all UD study abroad programs. Over 80 programs on six continents are offered to students each year. 

Students interested in learning about programs are can visit this webpage to view times, dates and locations of interest meetings.

Scholarship opportunities are available based on need and merit. Freshmen and transfer students are eligible for a new scholarship program called Delaware Diplomats and must apply by Sept. 15. 

Faculty interested in directing a study abroad program can visit an information page addressing frequently asked questions and are invited to attend a session on how to develop a program proposal at 3:30 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 23, in 325 Alison Hall. 

New Faculty Drop-In Programs are available for faculty who are new to study abroad programs for Winter Session 2016.

 About the Institute for Global Studies

The Institute for Global Studies was created in 2009 to enhance the international dimensions of teaching, research and outreach at the University of Delaware. IGS provides leadership and support for programs and experiences that contribute to the education of informed, skilled, open-minded citizens of the world. 

Best known for coordinating the University’s study abroad program, IGS also awards scholarships and grants to faculty and students for myriad global opportunities, administers internationally-recognized programs such as the MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative) Student Leaders Institute, and sponsors such signature events as International Education Week each fall and country-specific celebrations each spring. 

IGS collaborates with other global partners on campus, including the Office for International Students and Scholars, the Confucius Institute and the Center for Global and Area Studies.

Article by Elizabeth Adams

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