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9:45 a.m., March 25, 2011----UD in the News provides a roundup of recent news items about the University of Delaware, its faculty, students, staff and alumni.

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Joel Best, professor of sociology, is quoted in an April 4 ESPN the Magazine article about America and winning. "We're having lots and lots of first places," Best, the author of the book Everyone's a Winner, said. Best also was quoted in a March 22 Slate article about a recent murder in Bethesda, Md., that has an unusual twist and might not have been as random in nature as it first appeared. "Randomness is scary," Best said. "It implies that you can't protect yourself."

Ralph Begleiter, director of the Center for Political Communication, was quoted in a March 25 News Journal article about differences in state government cost trimming efforts in Delaware and Wisconsin. Among the lessons, he told the newspaper, are that “there are no easy answers and digging in your heels is less likely to produce positive outcomes for the employees or citizens of the state."

Robin Morgan, dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, was quoted in a March 24 News Journal article about a UD report on agriculture's economic impact in the state. "Agriculture is a cornerstone of Delaware's economy," Morgan said, adding, "We need to understand what a rich resource it is for Delaware." Also cited in the article were UD President Patrick Harker and Titus Awokuse, associate professor, who co-authored the report with Tom Ilvento, chair of the Department of Food and Resource Economics.

Charles Elson, Edgar S. Woolard Jr. Chair and director of the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance, was quoted in a March 23 San Francisco Times article about Hewlett-Packard shareholders voting against a proposed executive compensation package. "It signals a broader dissatisfaction with the company," Elson said. "You cannot move forward with a majority of shareholders opposing the pay package." Elson also was quoted in a March 21 Wall Street Journal article on the courting of a Hewlett-Packard senior executive by Intel.

Greg Burton, a UD alumnus who hosts the Hardly Workin' with Greg Burton sports talk show on ESPN radio in Richmond, Va., was featured in a March 22 report on WWBT-TV about the NCAA basketball tournament. Two teams from Richmond -- the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University, like UD a member of the Colonial Athletic Association -- have reached the tournament's Sweet 16.

Helen Bowers, associate professor of finance, was quoted in a March 22 News Journal article about Wilmington Trust shareholders and the M&T Bank sale.

Christopher Bruce, a mascot team alumnus, and Sharon Harris, director of the mascot program, were quoted in a March 22 News Journal article about YoUDee mascot tryouts.

Amy Greenwald Foley, senior associate director of admissions, was featured in a March 21 Unigo Expert Network article on the Huffington Post concerning admissions and Facebook postings by prospective students. Foley said, “Most admissions counselors have neither the time nor the inclination to surf Facebook for posts by prospective students. We don't want to be 'friends' with applicants and we don't want to know everything they do in their private -- albeit public via social media -- lives. Who does? Parents of would-be college roommates, that's who.”

Sarah McCabe, a UD student, was cited in a March 21 Philadelphia Daily News article about the late Gretchen Worden and her work with the Mutter Museum and Historical Medical Library in Philadelphia.

Muqtedar Khan, associate professor of political science and international relations, Ahmed Sharkawy, research associate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and S. Ismat Shah, professor of materials science and engineering, were quoted in a March 20 News Journal article about military action in Libya. "We're just in the nick of time because if Benghazi had fallen, then I think Gadhafi would have committed egregious human-rights violations,” Khan said.

Sharon Merriman-Nai, project director with the National Center on Elder Abuse in UD's Center for Community Research and Service, has recently been quoted in several news articles. On March 20, she was a guest on the Ricci Ware Boomers and Shakers radio broadcast on KTSA in San Antonio talking about elder abuse, neglect and exploitation in family settings. On Feb. 27, she was quoted in the Flint (Mich.) Journal discussing the challenges associated with prosecuting elder abuse cases. Following the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging hearing held earlier this month with testimony by film legend Mickey Rooney, she was quoted in an ABC World News article on factors, such as greed, that contribute to elder abuse and reasons that victims are reluctant to come forward.

Chrysanthi Leon, assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice, wrote an opinion piece in the March 19 News Journal about a federally funded program to provide services to prostitutes in the state.

Meaghan Reess, marketing director with UD Dining Services, was quoted in a March 2011 On-Campus Hospitality magazine article about a UD Chili Fest for students. “It is something that we do as a winter meal selection - a little bit of a monotony breaker,” Reess told the magazine.