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9:45 a.m., March 25, 2011----For the Record provides information about recent professional activities of University of Delaware faculty, staff, students and alumni.

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Rudi Matthee, Distinguished Professor of History, published "From the Battlefield to the Harem. Did Women's Seclusion Increase from Early to Late Safavid Times?” in New Perspectives on Safavid Iran: Empire and Society, edited by Colin P. Mitchell, 96-120, London and New York, Routledge, 2011.


Vimal Gangadharan, a doctoral student in the Department of Biological Sciences, won the Student Research Achievement Award for his poster at the Biophysical Society's annual meeting in Baltimore, March 6-7. Out of more than 300 student posters, Gangadharan's submission was in the top 20 and, when broken down into categories, his was in the top two of the endocytosis and exocytosis subgroup.


James M. Brophy, professor of history, “Democracy in Print: Radical Printers and the German Nation,” Modern History Colloquium, Louisiana State University, March 18.

Matt Kinservik, professor and chair of the Department of English, Donald C. Mell Jr., professor of English, and Department of English graduate students Michael Edson and Kyle Meikle, presented papers at the 42nd American Society of 18th-Century Studies (ASECS) Annual Meeting in Vancouver, B.C., March 17-20. Kinservik participated in roundtable discussions on "Across Media, Across Genres: Methodologies for Comparing the Novel and the Theater" and on "History and Tradition in 18th-Century Studies: A Roundtable to Honor Howard Weinbrot." Mell chaired a paper panel entitled "Jonathan Swift and His Circle VIII." Edson, a doctoral student, presented a paper entitled "From Rural Retreat to Grub Street: The Audiences of Retirement Poetry." Meikle, a master's degree student, presented a paper entitled "Fielding/Fidelity: The History of Tom Jones and the History of Adaptation."

Two papers by graduate students and faculty in the Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science were accepted for oral presentations at the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, April 22-24. Accepted were papers by Jane Chandlee, Angeliki Athanasopoulou and Jeffrey Heinz, "Evidence for Classifying Metathesis Patterns as Subsequential," and by Brian Gainor, Regine Yee King Lai and Heinz, "Computational Characterizations of Vowel Harmony Patterns and Pathologies."