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4:16 p.m., May 10, 2010----The University of Delaware's campus banking partnership transition is under way. As of Wednesday, May 12, students and staff will see signs of the conversion from WSFS to PNC.

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The University has entered into a seven-year contract with PNC Bank to provide campus banking services and personal financial management educational materials to students and staff.

Following is important information concerning the transition:

Existing WSFS account holders

The first signs of the transition will be seen by current WSFS account holders who have their bank account linked to their UD1 identification card. If your identification card is your only debit or ATM card for your WSFS account and you plan to continue banking with WSFS, you need to contact WSFS as soon as possible to activate a debit card so that you can continue to have ATM access to your account.

As of May 12, your UD1 card will no longer work as an ATM card. WSFS has sent a number of mailings to such account holders over the last several months and the University sent an email notice to the campus email accounts of these same account holders in the last two weeks.

Students and staff can go to the Trabant University Center or any WSFS branch or can call WSFS (1-888-WSFSBANK) to arrange the activation of their debit card or to ask any questions.

Trabant University Center branch

The branch in the Trabant University Center will close as a WSFS branch at the end of the day on May 28, and will reopen as a PNC branch on or before June 21. The PNC branch will operate as an electronic branch and the ATM machines will accept deposits and will dispense currency in $20, $10 and $1 denominations.

Transition of ATMs

Starting in early June, the WSFS ATMs on campus will be replaced with PNC ATMs. The PNC machines will be in the same locations as the current WSFS machines. One exception is the WSFS ATM in Smith Hall, which will remain a WSFS ATM, though the location in the building may change. The relocation of the machine will be completed in June.

To assist students and staff with the transition for the first year of the contract with the University, PNC will charge no fees for cash withdrawals from the three ATMs in Trabant for cards issued by other banks. Of course, cash withdrawals for PNC customers will be free in all PNC ATMs.

For the latest information

For the latest news about the transition from WSFS to PNC please go to the Banking Transition Page where the updated information on the transition will be posted.

You will find links to a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, as well as links to PNC and WSFS pages with additional information.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the transition or the banking services offered by the new partner, email Treasury Services at [].