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8:32 a.m., Dec. 3, 2009----University of Delaware Information Technologies has announced an exciting new service for students -- Google Apps

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UD Information Technologies has partnered with Google to provide the Google Apps package customized for the University of Delaware.

Students will use Gmail to read and write all of their e-mail. They will keep their e-mail addresses, but access to their mail will be through Google's Gmail interface.

Gmail offers large storage capacity (more than 94 times the current e-mail quota), voice and video chat, mobile access, spam and virus protection, and a powerful search. And rather than lose their address after they graduate, students can retain the Gmail address for life.

Google Apps offers much more than Gmail. Students will have access to Google Calendar for organizing their schedules, Google Docs for creating and sharing documents, Google Sites for creating and sharing Web pages, and Google Talk for communicating with others using text, voice and video.

Beginning now and running until the end of fall semester, students may participate in a pilot project to move to Google Apps Starting in January, the project will enter its full implementation phase. For the time being, students can use their UD Webmail Direct ( accounts as they always have. By the end of spring semester 2010, all student e-mail will be migrated to Google Apps Starting with summer 2010, all new student e-mail accounts will be on Google Apps

Information Technologies is excited about partnering with Google and being able to offer the feature-rich Google Apps environment. If you are a student and would like to volunteer for the pilot program, send a request via e-mail to [].

An IT representative will contact you to explain how you can participate. During the pilot phase, IT is looking for testers who read their mail using and don't use folders to store mail.

More information can be found at the IT Google Apps Web site. This site contains information on each of the features of Google Apps as well as an FAQ that answers questions you might have about moving to the new program and a set of steps to make the transition.