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10:08 a.m., Dec. 23, 2008----UD in the News is a roundup of recent news items about the University of Delaware, its faculty, students, staff and alumni.

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Jim Falk, director of the Delaware Sea Grant Marine Advisory Service at the University of Delaware, was quoted in a Dec. 22 News Journal story about the presence of zebra mussels in area waters.

Michael Bowman, director of the Delaware Technology Park, was quoted and Willett Kempton, associate professor of marine and Earth studies, was cited in a Dec. 21 News Journal story about the Obama administration's stimulus package, which could invest billions in green energy technology.

John Byrne, director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, was quoted in a Dec. 20 News Journal story about the state's first trip to a carbon auction. Because traffic generates a great deal of carbon dioxide, Byrne said, “We're going to need to do a lot more with motor vehicles. In the United States, that's a serious problem.”

Robert L. Hampel, professor of education, wrote a commentary titled “In Search of New Frontiers: How Scholars Generate Ideas” in the Dec. 19 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Ben Yagoda, professor of English, was quoted in a Dec. 19 WDEL-AM story about newspaper cutbacks in Detroit.

James Roth, senior electronics instrument specialist in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, was quoted in a Dec. 18 WHYY-TV story about University of Delaware researchers helping build the IceCube telescope in Antarctica.

Tricia Wachtendorf, assistant professor of sociology and associate director of the University of Delaware Disaster Research Center, was quoted in a Dec. 17 Los Angeles Times story about Southern California as less disaster prone than most people think, despite the threat of earthquakes, wildfires and mudslides. Wachtendorf said that while disasters such as extreme heat, extreme cold and flooding do not get as much attention, “the risk associated with them over the course of a year is quite high.” Wachtendorf also was quoted on Nevada Public Radio concerning the rare snowstorm that hit Las Vegas.

Joe Flacco, former University of Delaware quarterback and first round draft pick of the National Football League's Baltimore Ravens, was featured in a Dec. 17 USA Today Rookie Focus story.

Allen Barnett, professor of electrical and computer engineering, was cited in a story on solar power in the December issue of the publication Energias Renovables.

Charles Elson, Edgar S. Woolard Jr. Chair and director of the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance, was quoted in a widely distributed Dec. 17 Associated Press story about fallen investor Bernie Madoff and Securities and Exchange Commission oversight. "The fact that this could go on for so long with someone who was known to the agency raises questions of the effectiveness of our regulatory scheme," Elson said.

Elson also was quoted in a Dec. 18 Marketplace story about bonuses, a Dec. 18 Reuters story about Best Buy severance packages, a Dec. 15 MarketWatch story about challenges facing the next head of the Securities and Exchange Commission and in a Dec. 9 BusinessWeek story about proposals to provide financial assistance to American automakers GM, Ford and Chrysler. Elson told the magazine the concern for auto executives should be, "Once you take their money, you accede to government on issues that aren't economic but political."

James Keegan, assistant professor at the University of Delaware Academic Center in Georgetown, was featured in a story in the Dec. 17 Bethany Wave. When not teaching at the University, Keegan performs as an actor at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Va.

Helene Intraub, professor of psychology, and Christopher A. Dickinson, adjunct assistant professor of psychology, were featured in a Dec. 16 Scientific American story about their research on boundary extension.

Muqtedar Khan, associate professor of political science and international relations, wrote an opinion piece in the Dec. 16 News Journal concerning pressures being applied to Pakistani leaders by the United States and India.

David Raymond, a University of Delaware alumnus, was featured in a Dec. 14 story in The New York Times concerning mascots. Raymond was the original Phillie Phanatic and now heads the Raymond Entertainment Group. He has worked with the University's Mascot Hall of Fame YoUDee program.

Stacie Beck and Eleanor Craig, both associate professors of economics, wrote an opinion piece in the Dec. 14 News Journal concerning government intervention in the current financial crisis. “Massive government interference and direction over the private sector can only extend the current recession and kill incentives for future private market economic activity,” they wrote.

Nikolay Shiklomanov, associate scientist in the Department of Geography, was cited in a Dec. 13 Inter Press Service story about a symposium on the impact of climate change on the Arctic.

Robert Lyons, professor of plant and soil sciences and director of the Longwood Graduate Program, was cited in a Dec. 13 Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader story for an Arboretum Founder's Lecture to be delivered Jan. 8 at the state botanical garden of Kentucky.

Kenneth A. Lewis, Chaplin Tyler Professor of Economics and chairperson on the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council subcommittee on revenue, was quoted in a Dec. 12 News Journal story about a predicted drop in state revenue. “Things are tough, and they're going to be tougher through the next year, maybe the next year and a half,” Lewis said.

The University of Delaware's Extreme 2008: A Deep-Sea Adventure was featured in the Dec. 11 issue of the Richmond (Mo.) Daily News, as students from Richmond Middle School place a telephone call to scientists deep on the Pacific Ocean floor in the submersible Alvin. The program also was featured in a Dec. 12 New Jersey publication, as students from Quibbletown Middle School placed a call to the Alvin.

Rebecca Tiano, a University of Delaware fine arts graduate, was the subject of a feature in the Dec. 11 News Journal. The feature was about her work doing pet portraits.

The University of Delaware Green was featured in a Dec. 10 Washington Post Style section story about child-friendly stops along Interstate 95 between the District of Columbia and New York City. The Post writes, “The University's classic Georgian campus surrounds a spacious lawn, known appropriately as 'the Green,' offering seven acres of lovely open space for kids to run free and get the ants out of their pants. The campus is conveniently nestled next to the quaint downtown business district, with a slew of kid-friendly eateries. Families can also visit the university's botanical gardens and ice rink. Plus, it's never too early to start scouting colleges.”

Howard Cosgrove, chairman of the University of Delaware Board of Trustees, and University President Patrick Harker were quoted in a Dec. 10 News Journal story about Chrysler Corp. property negotiations.

University President Patrick Harker, David Brond, vice president of communications and marketing, Edgar Johnson, director of athletics, football coach K.C. Keeler, baseball coach Jim Sherman and students Ryan Keenan and Alex DelCollo were quoted in a Dec. 10 News Journal story about the strategic plan for the UD athletics complex.

University President Patrick Harker, Edgar Johnson, director of athletics, and Jim Fischer, men's cross country and track and field coach, were quoted in a Dec. 10 News Journal story about changes to the athletics program because of Title IX. The University will de-emphasize men's indoor track and add women's golf as a varsity sport.

Jeremy Firestone, associate professor of marine and Earth studies, was quoted in a Dec. 9 Cape Gazette story about Delmarva Power and its plans for a Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway. His focus was on opportunities to carry electricity generated by wind power along the Delaware coast.

Roland Wall, a University of Delaware graduate, was featured in a Dec. 7 News Journal story. Wall is director of the Center for Environmental Policy at The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

Maria Pippidis and Carrie Murphy, with University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, were quoted in a Dec.7 News Journal story about natural ways to cut holiday spending.

A. Scott Andres, senior scientist with the Delaware Geological Survey, was quoted in a Dec. 6 News Journal story about work by scientists to eliminate toxins in the state's wastewater treatment system.

Jacqueline Aldridge, coordinator in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, David Usher, associate professor of biological sciences, and Harold White, professor of chemistry biochemistry, wrote a feature on the University of Delaware's NUCLEUS program in the December issue of ASBMB Today.

Ruth Flexman, program coordinator for University of Delaware's Academy of Lifelong Learning, was quoted in an Oct. 17 Portland Oregonian article about the need for the brain to exercise as people age. Flexman gave a presentation for the American Society on Aging on program models to promote cognitive fitness. She has given similar presentations this fall in Anchorage, Alaska, Bel Air, Md., Midland, Mich., and Austin, Texas.